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What is Carting?

What Is Carting?


What is Carting?

If you use THC cartridges you should be asking yourself what is carting? The concept will help you get way higher in less time.

What is carting? Carting is a concept we came up with when trying to get the most out of our vape oil cartridges. After using the same cartridges for a while, you might find that it takes several puffs before you get anything out of it.

Fortunately, we found a way to get higher in less time with the same cartridge you’re already used to. This guide will cover everything you need to know about carting.

Carting 101

The concept is pretty simple. Carting is using a CBD cartridge or THC cartridge through a device that has water filtration. It works like a bong does.

For years, people assumed that the advantage of using a bong is that the water filters out toxins. Let’s be real, though. We use bongs because they allow you to get bigger hits with one pull, which, of course, gets you higher.

With carting, you can take the same concept, but add THC or CBD cartridges to the equation. If you do it correctly, you’ll feel like you just did a dab. There are plenty of ways to cart, including on-the-go.

Devices For Carting

There are several devices and methods you can use to get your cartridge’s vapor to go through water before it gets to you. We’ll go over some of the best products and techniques to use when you want to cart.

Blunt Bubbler

What Is Carting?

Carting a Brass Knuckles Brasswoods cartridge into a Buddie Burner blunt bubbler. Ab Hanna/Green Rush Daily

A blunt bubbler is one of the best ways to get water filtration with a cartridge while maintaining portability. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and thick enough that it won’t break easily.

Originally intended for blunts and joints, we find the Martian works even better with cartridges that have round metal mouthpieces.

The shape of the mouthpiece is important here because it creates a complete seal. This allows the vapor to build up with ease. If the mouthpiece of your cartridge isn’t compatible, you can use tape to close the openings. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, you can use non-toxic putty.

Using a cartridge in a blunt bubbler is similar to smoking a bowl. Once you’ve got the cartridge’s mouthpiece in the Martian, you inhale with your finger on the carb. When you see the little orb milk up, you simply lift your finger to clear the smoke.

Whip and Adapter

Carting works better when you don’t have to hold your vape pen upside down. With a whip and the right adapter, you can attach any cartridge to any bong and hold it upright while you hit it.

Get some plastic tubing small enough to snugly fit your cartridge’s mouthpiece. You’ll want a glass adapter that is 10mm on one side and whatever joint size the bong you want to use on the other.

Plug the 10mm side into the tubing and slide the other side of the adapter into your bong. Push the cartridge into the open end of the whip, and you’re ready to start carting vapor hits out of your bong.


What is Carting?

Carting a Brasswoods Brass Knuckles cartridge with a Silibong. Ab Hanna/Green Rush Daily

If you have a bong with one hole in the bowl, you can just plug the cartridge directly into the bowl and start inhaling. Simply pull the bowl out or the cartridge away when you’re ready to clear all that vapor.

The glass bowl that the bong comes with should provide a perfect seal when it’s paired with cartridges that have round mouthpieces.

If your mouthpiece doesn’t work as is, you can use the whip and adapter to cart out of a bong. You can also use poster tack to create a seal around the mouthpiece when you attach it to the bowl.

Everything There Is To Know About Carting

At the end of the day, carting is a way to enjoy your CBD or THC cartridges even more than you already do. Once you add water to the equation, it’s like you’re using a dab rig without the need for a torch, nail, or butane.

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