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16 Ways To Work In The Cannabis Industry Without Touching The Plant

16 Ways To Work In The Cannabis Industry Without Touching The Plant
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16 Ways To Work In The Cannabis Industry Without Touching The Plant

Plenty of opportunities are becoming available for anyone wanting to begin a new career in the cannabis industry.

The booming cannabis industry is quickly becoming one of the freshest sources of new jobs and careers out there. There are currently over 200.000 people working in the field today, and though exact estimations for the future vary from report to report, this number is expected to double by 2021 and even quadruple by 2025, according to numbers from New Frontier Data.

As opposed to other well-established industries, where employers have a tendency to demand industry-specific experience as an excluding condition, the fast-growing marijuana industry is currently welcoming talent from other sectors, as a way to fill the vast amount of opening positions.

So, before you turn the page thinking your skills have nothing to do with trimming or budtending, best take a moment to check out which of the many ways to work in the cannabis industry without touching the plant could suit your resumé. If you’re passionate about weed, there’s probably room in the industry for you.

Marketing & Advertising

Every business needs to develop a good marketing strategy if it wants to remain competitive.

Marketing experts are sought after to help set up operations, develop new products, find investors and decide on a multi-platform communications strategy.

You can either find your place at a company’s own marketing department or look into a marijuana-specific marketing agency, offering services that can range from conceptual branding to public relations and digital marketing services, like community management and search engine optimization.

Design & Architecture

Finding a good aesthetic that’s also functional is essential for any successful business. Graphic designers are needed all along the cannabis value chain, finding solutions to create brand logos, investment presentations, graphic ads, package designs and web designs. Architects are hired daily to build and enhance production facilities and dispensaries, which also call upon interior designers to get the place looking great.

Media & Publishing

Cannabis publications offer a wide range of writing opportunities as they often aim to niches within the niche. Writers and journalists coming from other sectors can quickly adapt to the cannabis industry, searching topics to write about that relates to their previous fields, like investments, technology, medicine, culture, entertainment and politics. Film industry professionals like screenwriters and filmmakers are also being recruited to produce cannabis-related video content for social media and other digital platforms.

Lab Testing

Cannabis testing facilities are becoming one of the industry’s cornerstones, since producers and distributors are obliged to get their products tested before they reach consumers. Different kind of analysis can be conducted, which include potency, terpene analysis, residual solvents, microbial and chemical contaminations. Recruiters are searching for lab technicians and assistants to fulfill the task.


Producers and resellers of technical supplies are more than needed these days, particularly in the cultivation process, where specialized agricultural equipment is required. Anything ranging from grow lights, climate controls and hydroponic stations; to seeds, nutrients and pest control supplies.

Legal Services

Specialized law firms are aiding cannabis businesses to navigate through the hectic legal scenario of today’s industry.

Initial consulting regarding compliance with local and state licenses is needed to set up any kind of growing, manufacturing or selling facilities. Additional assistance might be required in case of litigation, where an industry-specific attorney can definitely come in handy.

Business Administration & Bookkeeping

Accountants and administrators are often required to be up-to-date with last-minute changes in state and federal regulation. Otherwise, they play the same key function they do in any other company.

Medical Research

The federal restriction on cannabis’ legality is still slowing down full-on medical research. However, possibilities for researchers are available and will become more common as legalization spreads through the country. Researchers looking to become a part of the industry right away are advised to search for opportunities within Canada, where medical research is advancing at a more consistent pace.

Real Estate

Cannabis-specific real estate agents are already helping new business owners find the perfect location for emerging dispensaries, distribution hubs, testing, cultivation and production facilities.

Investing Consulting

There are many people looking to invest in new cannabis ventures who aren’t quite sure where to lay down the doe. Cannabis-specific advisors can help investors find the right enterprise to entrust their green capital.

Staffing Solutions

The cannabis industry has very special personnel demands. Cannabis-oriented staffing agencies can help employers find the right workforce for their business.


Security regulations from dispensaries vary from state to state, so it’s important to hire a specialized security agency that can handle each state’s regulations for security compliance. Many positions are available, from CCTV and alarm technicians to security system designers and guards.


Although currently more propagated throughout Canada, cannabis clinics are becoming key institutions in providing safe and professional medical advice on medical use. MDs specializing in marijuana’s healing potential can find a proper environment in these establishments.

Technology Research and Production

Along with genetic research, cannabis tech is one of the industry sectors leading in innovation. Cannabis tech businesses are constantly on the lookout for new talent to develop medical equipment, growing technology, harvesting machinery, smoking accessories, lab equipment, and every possible cannabis-related gadget that can come to mind.

App Developing

It’s unlikely that anyone reading this list has a cell phone lacking any cannabis-related apps. Video games, discount locators, social networks, growing assistants, strain encyclopedias: The world of cannabis-related apps presents plenty of opportunities for the next hit development.

Sales Agent

If you’re a born salesman (or saleswoman), you know you have the ability to sell anything you can come up with. Think of your selling potential if your work were to involve selling cannabis-related products and equipment. Sales reps are being hired at every new business as a decisive part of their staff.

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