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Cannabis: A New Kind of Runner’s High

Cannabis: A New Kind of Runner’s High - GREEN RUSH DAILY


Cannabis: A New Kind of Runner’s High

As cannabis becomes more mainstream, an increasing number of athletes—both professional and unprofessional—are using cannabis as a training aid.

Despite the common stereotype that portrays cannabis users as lazy stoners who camp out in front of the television, it turns out that cannabis and exercise go hand in hand.

The combination of the two is something you may have not considered, but if you’re looking to improve your athletic ability, cannabis should be a part of your exercise regimen.


We’re all familiar with the power cannabis has to relieve pain and stress, but there are several other not-so-obvious side effects that have been shown to be extremely conducive and supplemental to exercise.

And as cannabis becomes more mainstream, an increasing number of professional and unprofessional athletes, are turning to cannabis as a training aid.

Here are four ways cannabis can help you become a better athlete:

  1. Cannabis helps keeps exercisers in the zone during their workout. For body builders and weight lifters, the daily routine of lifting weights can become mundane and unexciting, but many athletes have found cannabis helps them remain focused and engaged during their entire workout. Clifford Drusinsky, a Colorado gym owner, told Men’s Journal that cannabis helps him relax during workouts so he is able to get into a controlled, meditational state. When Drusinsky uses cannabis as a pre-workout, he said he’s able to train smarter and his form improves. Many long distance runners also use cannabis to remove the monotony that often comes with lengthy runs.
  2. Cannabis can help speed up your metabolism. If you use cannabis prior to working out, you will be burning calories and fat even before you step onto the treadmill. According to a study reported in Men’s Journal, cannabidiol and THC, which are compounds found in cannabis, may help increase metabolism, speed up fat loss, and lower cholesterol.
  3. Cannabis eases anxiety which helps many athletes feel more confident during exercises. Snowboarders and skiers for example, are more inclined to try a difficult run when their anxiety is replaced with confidence.
  4. Cannabis has also been shown to help athletes recover more quickly from injuries and muscle fatigue. Full-contact sports such as football and wrestling, are hard on the body, but cannabis can speed up the recovery process, allowing athletes to be fully recovered by the time their next game or match rolls around. Many professional NFL players are now opting for cannabis as a safe method to treat the chronic pain, head injuries, and other ailments caused by playing professional football.


So whether you’re looking to lengthen your daily run, elevate your workout routine, or compete at the professional level, make sure you add cannabis to your exercise routine.

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