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What Are Cannabis Effects on Metabolism and Weight Loss?

Cannabis Effects on Metabolism


What Are Cannabis Effects on Metabolism and Weight Loss?

Cannabis Promotes Healthier Body Weight and May Increase Your Metabolism

With summer right around the corner, you may be thinking about your metabolism and what steps you should take to get fit. Cannabis can help in achieving your health goals. Science backs this claim! An article on discussed some benefits of combining cannabis with your exercise routine. Dr. Jordan Tishler explained, cannabis reduces anxiety and increases aggressive urges. This combination results in longer, harder, and more productive workouts.

Scientifically Discovered Benefits:

Cannabis Effects on Metabolism

1. Research found those who use cannabis had lower rates of obesity and diabetes. Furthermore, cannabis consumers had slimmer waistlines and improved insulin resistance.

2. A study done in India (2017) yielded interesting results. Their population included cannabis users who used for at least five years, users who used for one year, and non-users. They found a relationship between cannabis use and “lower levels of fasting insulin” as well as “smaller waist circumference.”

3. An article looked at the effects of cannabis on lung function. The authors discovered a relationship between cannabis use and higher lung volumes.

The Misperception

Cannabis Effects on Metabolism

Some believe cannabis users have an inevitable case of the “munchies” and live an unproductive life. Research into cannabis and metabolism continues to prove this wrong. For example, research looking at marijuana and body weight found cannabis helps individuals with lower body weights to have an increased appetite and weight gain.

Although this is the case, those with increased hunger and weight gain included individuals diagnosed with human immunodeficiency virus and cancer. The authors explained, in the general population, regular cannabis users are thinner than non-users.

Picking the Right Strain

Cannabis Effects on Metabolism

A big difference exists depending on the strain of cannabis you ingest. Strains vary in how they affect your overall physical and mental states. Some strains recommended for athletes include Orange Diesel, Flo, Sour Cheese, and Fruity Chronic Juice. If you suffer from a busy mind, strains giving a calmer high might benefit you.

Granddaddy Purple, Purple Urkel, and Strawberry Cough are some of the strains recommended for anxiety. Only you can decide what works best with your chemistry. Your mind and body are intricately connected. Using mindfulness as well as the right strain can benefit your health.

Cannabis Gets Credit 

Cannabis Effects on Metabolism

Powerful lobbyists love to use scorn, fear, and contempt. Often, they define cannabis as a gateway drug. At last, cannabis is accepted by the general population for its growing list of benefits. People continue to discover the benefits of using pot. Combining cannabis with your health goals may rev up your metabolism.

In order to achieve increased fitness and meet your weight loss goals, you must use consistency and correct cannabis dosing.  Lastly, remember to consider the strain of cannabis you consume. This combination will assist you in reaching your goals and have you feeling a lot better while doing so.

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