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Cannabis Hair Care Will Completely Change Your Beauty Regime

Cannabis Hair Care Will Completely Change Your Beauty Regime

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Hair Care Will Completely Change Your Beauty Regime

Hair care is a tricky slope for us ladies, and for some men too. When it comes to your hair products, most of the time you literally NEVER really know what to use or how much to use of it. There however is one herbal remedy that has been proven to vastly change your dead ends to a healthy head of follicles. You guessed it, cannabis hair care.

Cannabis infused products or cannabis oils may sound a little experimental, but the science behind their natural healthy benefits are completely sound.

Cannabis oil is jam packed with vitamins that are hard to find in regular and basic shampoos. These vitamins and antioxidants easily absorb into pores or in this case, hair follicles to naturally create luxurious moisture. Cannabis oil based shampoos also don’t contain any of the unnatural ingredients or chemicals that basic shampoos contain, which dry out your hair or create split ends.

For a different cannabis hair experience, try hemp seed oil or hemp shampoo which also offer amazing health benefits.

Hemp oil contains Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, which sound absolutely disgusting, but are the key to life when it comes to flawless hair. These fatty acids are almost identical to the protein that is found in human blood, which promote moisture and strengthen the hair follicle.

Hemp based beauty products are therefore regenerating what your body already does, making it the most safe and natural hair care product out there.
Companies like Carun and Hippie Butter offer great options for both hemp seed and hemp oil products, that are cost efficient for the benefits that they are supplying.

Added into these shampoos are other herbal exfoliants to gently cleanse your hair. These exfoliants include chamomile, green tea, and rosemary to make sure that your hair is cleansed, while replenished with moisture.

Also, don’t feel pressured to buy anything when you can make these hair wonders at home. The process of making hemp and cannabis oil is similar to making  Rick Simpson Oil, however not nearly as dangerous or complex.

To make a simple shampoo, add hemp oil, (store bought or made) to essential oils of your choice and follow directions to specifically design your own healthy head of hair. These other oils could range from fragrances to other moisturizers, but make sure that they are all natural as well. Unnatural ingredients will dry out your hair or create breakage.

Here’s to never having a terrible hair day again with the help of cannabis and hemp!

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