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Does Marijuana Make You Paranoid?

Does Marijuana Make You Paranoid?


Does Marijuana Make You Paranoid?

For many people, a little paranoia sometimes sets in when they get high. Does marijuana make you paranoid? Or is it in your head?

Does cannabis make you lose your mind? Does cannabis make you insane? For many people, a little paranoia sometimes sets in when they get high. Does marijuana make you paranoid? Or is it in your head?

Like maybe some vengeful Muppets are about to burst into your living room. Eventually, people usually sober up and think, “That was a stupid thing to be worried about.”

But studies suggest smoking marijuana can lead to more than a euphoric high and is linked to long-lasting delusions, mouth swelling, and several other surprising effects, according to a new review of research on the recreational use of the drug.

Does Marijuana Make You Paranoid?

Everyone probably has a story or two about bugging out after one too many bong rips. Some are better than others.

Marijuana discussion boards abound with them, and they range from the typical to the terrible.

One toker reports that when he walked home blazed with headphones on, he practically had a heart attack when he heard his footsteps but thought it was someone coming up behind him instead. Dude must have enemies.

Weed Can Make You Lose Your Sh*t, Literally

More ridiculous is Alfred’s story: 4 of us were camping out in a field, and we had a 1/8th each.

We had smoked a quarter between the 4 of us hot-boxing a tent for a couple of hours, and we didn’t have much of a tolerance at the time, so we were all blazed.

Everything was going all good until two of my friends decided to go to town and get some food.

My friend asked me to hold her bag which had her 1/8th in it, so she didn’t have to carry it into town where there’s usually cops.

They left and about 10 minutes later my friend, and I heard a dog barking. Our mind started playing tricks on us, and we thought the dog was in the field we were camping in.

When a dog barks another dog usually joins in so there were many barks, and we thought the police had sent dogs into the field!

It was so f*cked up! We were running in the other direction, and I hurled my friend’s bag into a bush with the incriminating bag of ganja.

When they got back, we were still out of breath, scared shitless, and I had to explain how I threw her bag into a bush which had her iPod video, her purse with all her cards and of course the ganja.

We could not remember which bush it was in, and it took us 2 hours to find it!

We laughed tons after and got even more baked, but the funny thing is I am 99% certain that those dogs were in the field we were in and I swear I could see them!

Be The Chill, and It Will Make You Chill

Folks who enjoy cannabis can probably relax, according to Dr. Nora Volkow, the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse at the National Institutes of Health.

Even though you may experience temporary psychotic effects, Volkow says “it is important to make a distinction.

Drugs like marijuana can make someone experience symptoms like paranoia, hostility and confused thinking. But that is very different from a chronic, persistent psychotic disorder like schizophrenia.”

So relax. The answer to the question, “does pot make you crazy” is yeah, but just for a little while.

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