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Cannabis Stops A Seizure

Cannabis Stops A Seizure In Its Tracks


Cannabis Stops A Seizure

Can Marijuana stop a Seizure?

The video shows a man, named Dave Douglas, in the beginning, stages of a grand mal seizure, shaking terribly and being held upright by a friend. Then miraculously cannabis stops a seizure.

Another friend holds a joint to Douglas’s lips so he can take a toke.

Within minutes, the trembling subsides, and Douglas gains enough control to hold the joint himself.

By the time he has taken this third toke, Douglas becomes coherent and responds to questions.

Within six minutes, the seizure has subsided, and Douglas is in a much better state.

Although Douglas tells the others he feels like he is going to puke, his medicine subsides nausea enough to keep him from vomiting.

At the end of the video Douglas, stable and present, says “I’m feeling a lot better, but tired.”

About the medicinal benefits of cannabis, Douglas says, “This stuff is the single most drug to help epilepsy.”

For anyone with epilepsy, or has been around someone who has had a seizure, this recovery seems like a miracle.

Instead of being restrained to minimize his injuries, Douglas received essential medicine which stopped the seizure before it became more severe.

The strains administered in the joint, according to the video, were White Berry, White Widow, and Church.

All of these strains have high levels of CBD, especially Church, which is also effective against muscle spasms.

Although Charlotte’s Web is a strain that became famous for its ability to reduce seizures in children, there are an increasing number of strains that have been found to treat epilepsy.

Many Kush strains along with some Blue varieties, such as Blue Dragon, help treat epilepsy.

Douglas says at the end of the video, “All I know is I know lots of people who use cannabis to have a better quality of life.”

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