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Christian Lawmaker in Georgia Illegally Delivers Medicinal Cannabis

Christian Lawmaker in Georgia Illegally Delivers Medicinal Cannabis At Night


Christian Lawmaker in Georgia Illegally Delivers Medicinal Cannabis

A lawmaker in Georgia has been on a personal crusade to deliver medical cannabis to patients throughout the state. After playing a critical role in getting Georgia’s medical marijuana program legalized, state Representative Allen Peake recognized that many patients still struggled to get the medicine they need. So he decided to take matters into his hands.

Allen Peake’s Cannabis Crusade

Christian Lawmaker in Georgia Illegally Delivers Medicinal Cannabis At Night

In Georgia, it is legal for patients with qualifying conditions to own and use cannabis oil with less than five percent THC for medical purposes. So far, there are around 1,300 patients enrolled in the state’s program.

But they are not allowed to grow it, import it, or even purchase it. Making things even harder on Georgia patients is the fact that it is also illegal to transport cannabis across state lines. All of this has left medical cannabis patients in a difficult position. They can use it as medicine, but there is no reliable way to get it.

In an effort to address this problem, Peake started helping families move from Georgia to Colorado. After relocating, those families could easily access the medical cannabis they couldn’t get in Georgia. A short time later, somebody in Colorado started sending Peake boxes full of medical cannabis oil. Peake told sources he has no clue who sends him the medicine, but every month he gets a package. He then distributes it to patients throughout the state.

Legal Gray Area

Christian Lawmaker in Georgia Illegally Delivers Medicinal Cannabis At Night

Peake’s crusade is in some strange legal gray area. He has his own medical marijuana card, which means he is allowed to own the oil. Similarly, it is legal in Georgia to gift somebody medical cannabis, as long as there is no money exchanged. And he makes sure that everyone he delivers to has a valid medical marijuana card.

But at the same time, his operation could be risky. That’s primarily because transporting cannabis across state lines violates federal laws. In fact, it’s a felony. Peake’s cannabis crusade could be even more risky under the Trump administration. In February, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said there could be “greater enforcement” of federal cannabis laws.

Then in March, Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke out against cannabis. He said weed is “only slightly less awful” than heroin. He went on to say that medical marijuana “had been hyped, maybe too much.”

A federal crackdown on weed could be bad for Peake. So far, though, he has not gotten into legal trouble. He continues receiving his packages each month, and he continues getting medical cannabis into the hands of patients throughout Georgia.

A Christian Mission

Christian Lawmaker in Georgia Illegally Delivers Medicinal Cannabis At Night

Peake describes himself as a devout Christian. As the CEO of a large restaurant franchise company, he says he conducts his business according to Biblical principles.

Similarly, he has said that his faith drives him to make charitable donations and to help people in need. And although many conservative Christians remain opposed to cannabis, Peake began helping medical marijuana patients as part of his attempt to be charitable.

“We’re going to do whatever it takes to be able to help get product to these families, these citizens who have debilitating illnesses,” he told sources.

In addition to delivering medical cannabis to patients in Georgia, Peake also makes donations to cannabis research groups in Colorado. This accomplishes two things at once. For one, it keeps his operation legal since he’s technically not buying the cannabis oil he receives each month. And second, it helps advance research into medical marijuana.

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