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Colorado Governor Approves Marijuana Lounges and More

Colorado Governor Approves Marijuana Lounges and More


Colorado Governor Approves Marijuana Lounges and More

Colorado welcomes “Marijuana Hospitality Establishments.”

Do you want to know what the future will hold for our nation’s cannabis laws? Then check out what’s going on in the Centennial State. Colorado is known for being one of the leading states when it comes to cannabis legislation reform.

But being the first one to legalize adult-use in 2012 was apparently not enough for Coloradan lawmakers. The state powers had to bring a positive response to the economic boom that cannabis has brought to the region in recent years. This week, Gov. Jared Polis signed into action a few bills that will continue to incentivize growth for the industry and help strengthen Colorado’s position as an industry leader.

Marijuana Lounges Will Soon be Available

“Marijuana Hospitality Establishments” are now legal under Colorado law thanks to House Bill 19-1230. The Bill allows restaurants, hotels, music venues, yoga studios and other places of social gathering to apply for licenses that legally allow on-site marijuana consumption. Dispensaries will also be able to apply for such licenses. This will open the way for tasting-rooms where customers can have a try at the merchandise before purchasing. Temporary licenses for special events will also be available.

However, local governments can still veto the law for their jurisdictions, the same way they are still allowed to opt-out from dispensaries.

Restaurants will be able to allow pot-consumption on-site. Yet, this law does not give way to THC laced recipes begin served. All products still need to come from a licensed manufacturer, and customers will need to bring their own weed. Owners of social venues will also have to face a tough decision because Having a “Marijuana Hospitality” license will conflict with an active liquor license. Dispensaries will be able to sell weed and have tasting-rooms if they apply for a special type of license different from that of restaurants.

Marijuana Delivery Coming to Colorado

Getting your weed in the Centennial State will soon be as easy as counting one, two, three, four thanks to House Bill 1234. From January 2020, medical patients will be able to receive their cannabis at home. But recreational users will have to wait for one more year. Dispensaries will be allowed to deliver their adult-use products starting in 2021.

Users will have a limit of one delivery a day and will have to receive their orders at a private residence. College campuses will be banned as delivery destinations.

Te measure is expected to boost public earnings. A one-dollar charge will be added to every delivery purchase. The money will go to the municipality where the delivering store is located.

Charging Against the Opioid Crisis with Medical Weed

Colorado knows well that marijuana is the strongest weapon we’ve got today against the increasingly concerning opioid problem. A new Bill also signed recently by Gov. Polis will be a major help in this area. It basically gives physicians the power to prescribe medical cannabis to treat any condition that would qualify for an opioid prescription.

This measure will position cannabis, not only as an alternative to opioids but also as a positive treatment for opioid addiction. Gov. Polis is an advocate of cannabis’ role in fighting the opioid crisis. As he signed the Bill, he was quoted stating that “Colorado loses a community member to drug overdose roughly every nine hours, with opioids contributing to over half those deaths. Those deaths are preventable,”. A recent study conducted by various universities showed that counties with dispensaries had significantly fewer cases of death by opioid overdose.

Colorado Can Now Receive Investments from Out-of-State Companies

Gov. Polis and the state legislators know the leading place Colorado has taken within the cannabis race. They plan to keep the tracks slippery and CBD-oiled-up.

Until this week, Colorado’s Cannabis market was only allowed to grow from within. The legislation had a cap on the number of out-of-state business owners and limited outside investments.

Also signed last week was HB19-1090. The Bill opens Colorado’s gates to publicly-traded companies who want to invest in the state. It also allows out-of-state corporations and people to hold cannabis licenses within the Centennial State.

This new measure is set out to expand Colorado’s industry even more, by allowing greater investment and increasing its cash flow. At the same time, it is likely to strengthen the position of big conglomerates within the state. This could negatively affect small businesses.

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