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Cotton Vagina Is Real And It’s From Smoking Weed

Cotton Vagina Is Real And It's From Smoking Weed | Green Rush Daily


Cotton Vagina Is Real And It’s From Smoking Weed

Cotton vagina is a real thing that’s making sex difficult for many stoner chicks.

If you’ve ever had sex while stoned, then you know how awesome it can be. You feel totally comfortable and every kiss, touch and sensation is intensified.

If your partner is high too, it can really help the two of you feel connected, both sexually and emotionally.

However, despite all the positives to having sex while high, there is one downside: cotton vagina.

That’s right, cotton vagina is a real thing that affects many stoner girls.

It’s similar to cotton mouth, that uncomfortable side effect of smoking weed that leaves your mouth and throat feeling like a barren desert.

Now imagine that same sensation in your vagina–uncomfortable right?

It sometimes doesn’t matter how stimulated or turned on you are, sometimes your vagina just will not get wet after smoking weed.

Dr. Julie Holland said certain strains of weed can cause mucus membranes to dry up, thus creating that unpleasant parched feeling.

This makes sex difficult and painful, and no one wants that.



But while you can drink tons of water to ease that feeling in your mouth and throat, it’s not like your vagina can chug a couple of Gatorades.

A dry vagina and sex do not go well together, so what is a girl to do when horniness hits hard when she’s high?

Don’t worry there are solutions. There are many basic lubes on the market that will do the trick, but there are also cannabis lubes that will not only get you nice and slick down there, it’ll also get your vagina high.

There are many varieties of cannabis lubes on the market. Some combine cannabis oil with coconut oil, others blend cannabis oil with lavender oil.

But regardless of the combination, cannabis lube will make your sex unforgettable. The cannabis oil helps you relax and increases blood flow to all the places you want the blood pumping.

But if you’ve found yourself in a pickle (aka, you’re too horny and need sex now) and won’t have time to run to the store to buy some lube, coconut oil works just as well.

It may not get your lady parts stoned, but it’ll get your downstairs wet and ready to go.

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