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David Bowie: Could Cannabis Have Cured His Cancer?


David Bowie: Could Cannabis Have Cured His Cancer?

David Bowie

News of glam rock idol David Bowie’s passing shocked the world this week, with many learning for the first time that the musician died from an 18-month battle with cancer. The consummate “Space Oddity,” Bowie trespassed the boundaries of societal norms and pushed culture, identity, and sexuality forward. He will be dearly missed by loving fans around the world, who feel the Star Man left us too soon.

Hearing that David Bowie died from cancer, however, makes a marijuana journalist ask, “could cannabis have saved Bowie?”

Medical research into the pharmacological effects of cannabis is beginning to show what anecdotal evidence and the testimonies of many medical marijuana patients have suggested for a long time: for certain cancers, cannabis may be an effective, natural cure.

Cannabis has already shown positive results in alleviating painful and harmful symptoms of cancer, especially cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

Although rumors about Bowie’s private health crisis have surrounded the performer for years, beginning in 2004, when he suffered a heart attack on stage, the fact that he was fighting cancer was a closely guarded secret few had any knowledge about.

Now, two days after his death, it’s still uncertain what form of cancer Bowie suffered from.

According to the official statement, Bowie died after an 18-month struggle with the disease. Although the type of cancer Bowie had was not disclosed, reports suggest that he may have died of liver cancer, which may have originated as lung cancer and spread to his liver.

So while paying the utmost respect to the tragic loss of David Bowie and those who mourn him and celebrate his memory, it’s important to ask whether cannabis could have helped Bowie survive his cancer.

Whether Bowie had liver cancer or whether it was lung cancer that had spread to his liver, both these malignancies are among the toughest to treat.

But cannabis oils rich in CBD have shown to be effective for some patients fighting these cancers.

In Australia, a woman in her mid-50s recently posted a YouTube video explaining how she has eliminated her stage IV lung cancer with cannabis after being given a death sentence of six months with no treatment.

Others, like Canada’s Michael Cutler, share their powerful stories in combatting late-stage liver cancer with cannabis oils.

Alongside new and compelling research conducted by the government’s National Cancer Institute, medical cannabis treatments for cancer are looking more and more promising.

Despite the fact that Bowie spoke publicly and openly about his drug use and how he regretted the drug habits of his youth, he was a lifelong smoker.

We know, famously, that the Thin White Duke was arrested for possessing more than 6 ounces of weed on tour in Rochester, NY in 1976. Whether he continued to use cannabis throughout his life is unknown.

But considering the research and evidence that’s out there, it’s hard not to wonder whether the Space Oddity could have treated his cancer with cannabis oil.

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