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DEA Approves Study, Could Finally Prove Cannabis Can Treat PTSD

DEA Approves Study, Could Finally Prove Cannabis Can Treat PTSD


DEA Approves Study, Could Finally Prove Cannabis Can Treat PTSD

DEA Approves Study

The DEA approves study to conduct the effects of cannabis on patients who are seeking treatment for PTSD., or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This disorder affects 7% of all United States veterans from all branches. PTSD studies also show that the army to civilian suicide rate is much higher, meaning more soldiers are committing suicide than other job workers.

The DEA study is going to be under the guidance of the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, with help from the John’s Hopkins University in Baltimore. These schools are to conduct hands-on research that will finally provide evidence to increase the knowledge of cannabis and PTSD.

The DEA study will consist of 76 veterans who have had treatment-resistant PTSD. This trial will ultimately be the first of many to show that the herbaceous plant remedy can ease symptoms of PTSD, and is much less dangerous than prescription and addictive drugs.

Even though this study is progressive for American botanical drug research, this study has already been taken place at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

The Canadian study showed that the system that regulates emotions, or in this case fear could be controlled by cannabis.

According to science, the endocannabinoid system in the body controls emotions and needs regulation when it is harmed with a disease like PTSD. However, this system in the body responds to the chemical compounds that are found in cannabis.

The chemical compounds that are found in marijuana also trigger receptors in the brain that also control depression, which is a leading symptom of  PTSD.

The new DEA study could also lower the social stigma against veterans who choose to use medicinal marijuana to cure their PTSD. Most veterans go untreated because PTSD is not a treatable or socially understood disease, or they face the consequences of the “illegal substance.”

Recently, a veteran has lost the custody of five of his children after Kansas police found him using marijuana for a cure for PTSD and chronic pain ailments. Raymond Schwab was using cannabutter to try to ease his medical disability, but police have now forced the veteran to stay drug-free for four months to regain custody of his children.

For some veterans, like Schwab, cannabis products are the only thing that helps with insomnia, night terrors, depression, or suicidal thoughts. Even when prescribed pills, Schwab became addicted and became an abuser of pain killers. If the DEA study continues, it could help veterans like Schwab be able to cure their PTSD with a natural and safe remedy.

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