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Australian Father Who Treated His Cancer Stricken Toddler Pleads Guilty

Australian Father Who Treated His Cancer Stricken Toddler Pleads Guilty


Australian Father Who Treated His Cancer Stricken Toddler Pleads Guilty

An Australian father who treated his cancer-stricken toddler with cannabis oil has pleaded guilty to supplying her with a dangerous drug.

32-year-old dad, Adam Koessler, used the oil to treat his daughter’s neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer, by cooking it into her food in December 2014.

He used the oil when cooking for his daughter up to four times a day. It has been reported that the man gave the toddler medical grade cannabis oil mixed with coconut, which he placed in her food.

The man’s wife and mother of their daughter became suspicious when she tasted some of the food due to a “funny” smell. Soon enough, the mother discovered that it was medical cannabis oil.

Green Rush Daily covered Koessler’s story back in January, when it was reported that he had been arrested and charged with providing a “dangerous drug” to his daughter.

That dangerous drug, of course, was medical-grade cannabis oil.

In court last Wednesday, Adam Koessler pleaded guilty to three counts of supplying dangerous drugs to a minor and two counts relating to possessing a dangerous drug.

Once faced with the prospect of prison-time, the father ultimately voided a conviction and was released on a two-year “good behavior bond” and given a $500 fine.

The court was told medical professionals did not believe the oil had either a positive or negative effect on his daughter’s health.

It was also told that Koessler genuinely believed the oil was helping his daughter and that he wanted chemotherapy to be delayed, after researching on the internet and speaking to others about its effects.

The court heard that Koessler’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 when she was two years old and he started researching the benefits of medicinal cannabis online.

The case attracted national attention after Adam was arrested in front of a Brisbane hospital last year. His arrest fueled debate over the legalization of medical cannabis.

Legislation has been released for public consultation in Queensland which would allow medicinal cannabis products to be prescribed and dispensed to patients in the state.

A group Facebook page, set up to support the Koesslers, wrote a post thanking the community after learning that the Brisbane judge would not convict Adam.

Medical cannabis advocates are calling the Brisbane court’s decision a “landmark ruling” stemming from Australia’s recent decision to legalize medical cannabis for research and use.

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