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How to Get Medical Marijuana Delivery in Orange County

Marijuana Delivery Orange County


How to Get Medical Marijuana Delivery in Orange County

If you’re trying to get medical marijuana delivered in Orange County and aren’t sure exactly where to begin, you’ve come to the right place.

Here you’ll discover everything you need to know about the documents required to legally purchase and possess medical marijuana, including places to order from so you can easily obtain your cannabis goodies.

What Do I Need to Do to Get Medical Marijuana Delivery in Orange County?

First thing’s first: you’ll need a doctor’s authorization to legally get medical marijuana in the OC or anywhere in California. Even with the recent passing of Proposition 64, full recreational legalization won’t take effect until January 2018; so until then, you’ll need a recommendation to purchase and possess cannabis in any form.

There are two documents that’ll verify your patient status with dispensaries and legally allow you to get mmj: a doctor’s recommendation and a cannabis card.

Doctor’s Recommendation:

A recommendation is a doctor signed document with an official, raised seal legally permitting you to purchase and possess mmj and mmj products across California.

With these state permissions now in place, suffering patients thought to benefit from cannabis could be issued a doctor’s recommendation. This rec is basically a “prescription,” except it can’t legally be called this due to marijuana’s federal illegality.

To streamline the process, mmj docs have set up specialized evaluation services for patients seeking to obtain these documents. Because your primary physician will be reluctant to issue a rec or ID, you’ll need to visit a 420 doctor whose main service is determining if your illness or condition can be treated with cannabis.

It’s quite the same everywhere in California, from San Jose to Los Angeles and San Diego, which is why the process can now be completed online. That being said, the company also offers its services elsewhere, and the process differs from state to state. For instance, getting a New York medical marijuana card requires an additional step after the online process, but that’s information for another article.

Below you’ll find an affordable and confidential service to get your rec and/or med card in California!

Online NuggMD Evaluation:

While having mmj doctors available to evaluate patients is convenient, the process of finding then going to see one can be stressful, and even downright sketchy (we’ve heard some horror stories from the likes of 420 Evaluations in San Jose, and other cities). But this doesn’t have to be. Thanks to telemedicine, getting your medical 420 evaluation is actually easy.

NuggMD provides an online service that allows patients to consult a medical marijuana doctor online, without the hassle that comes with a trip to a doctor’s office. Just provide some basic personal info, fill out a quick questionnaire, and upload any related medical documents (not necessary but helpful). Just like that, you’re ready to see the doctor!

You’ll speak with a doctor via video chat or if you don’t have a functioning webcam and internet connection, phone call. The evaluation only takes about 10 minutes.

Not only is NuggMD’s online medical marijuana evaluation service cheaper than a visiting a doctor’s office (also only $39 for a first-time patient or renewal!), they also offer completely confidential documentation services. Plus, if you have friends in the Empire State, let them know NuggMD now lets you see a New York cannabis doctor through their site too.

Now That I Have My Recommendation/Card, Where Do I Get MMJ?

Weed Delivery OC

Now you can access California dispensaries and order cannabis products online! Not only are there a variety of sources to pick them up and get them delivered in the O.C., there’s also a wide world of distinct products to choose from. If you’re a new patient, you might have a hard time deciphering which option is the best, as there are literally thousands of places you can take your business.

Storefront Dispensaries/Collectives in Orange County:

Storefronts offer a physical location to visit and personal service, each with its own products and prices. Since you never really know what to expect from these spots, other than what’s available through online reviews and pictures, finding a decent one can be tricky and time-consuming.

While a storefront option gives you the freedom to examine cannabis products up-close before finalizing your purchase, this isn’t always as luxurious of an experience as it sounds. You’ll have to travel to the storefront location,  register, loiter around with other patients, then when you get inside the budtenders aren’t always as friendly or knowledgeable as you hoped.

Delivery Services in Orange County:

Delivery services are convenient if you have the time to wait. Making an mmj purchase is like ordering a pizza—except you don’t exactly know where to get it or exactly what you want.

Although discrete, mmj delivery services can often come with difficulties. You’re not able to physically examine products before you commit, they often charge delivery fees and require large minimum orders. This can result in a hefty dent in your wallet when all you wanted to do was pick up a gram.

Luckily if you’re seeking medical marijuana delivery in Orange County, take advantage of an online marijuana delivery marketplace like Nugg. Which does all the heavy lifting and lets you explore a variety of options, read reviews, and save time and money, so you don’t make a regrettable purchase.

Ordering  Online:

Living in this digital age allows you to fill your cannabis orders easily. If you’ve made an online purchase, you’ll know exactly how the process works. Instead of going into a storefront or calling a collective, you can place an order directly from legit, local dispensaries completely online, skipping all the red tape.

Using the handy search tool, simply enter the strain, brand or type of mmj product you want and it’ll bring up a list of their availability in your area. By entering your location you can also browse MMJ selections offered by local dispensaries, read product reviews, compare prices, delivery times, and find exclusive deals before placing your order.

Once you’ve completed the purchase, all you have to do is wait and relax while your medication makes its way to your doorstep.

Is There Anywhere Else I Can Order Medical Marijuana?

Marijuana Dispensary Orange County

If the only ways to get medical marijuana in California are by a storefront, delivery service or via an online marketplace, what about these other online stores that claim to deliver? Well, you should definitely use your best judgement when making online purchases, especially when it comes to cannabis products.

Beware of companies claiming to sell mmj products “legally” and “internationally,” or use a delivery service other than a personal courier. Legal companies distributing cannabis products will only deliver them to licensed dispensaries and will never use a delivery service other than their courier.

Any business that does otherwise is operating illegally, and most likely selling inferior products, so always play it safe and stick to a trusted source like Nugg.

Now that you know pretty much all there is to know about how and where to get weed legally in Orange County, and literally everywhere else in California, you’re ready to dive in and explore everything from gourmet edibles to the hottest vape products on the market! Good luck!

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