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Marijuana Can Treat Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Marijuana For ADD/ADHD


Marijuana Can Treat Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

ADD/ADHD affects millions of children and adults worldwide. Medical marijuana for ADD/ADHD could provide relief for those who suffer.

Marijuana For ADD

ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder is used to describe actions that are hyperactive, inattentive, or overly impulsive. ADD is most common in children who are school aged, but also affects millions of adults worldwide. Medical marijuana could provide relief for those who suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder.

For children, medicinal marijuana can help Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms by providing a calm focus. The cannabis releases dopamine from the brain into the body to regulate mood. These moods can range from overthinking to anxiety.

The release of dopamine is also heavily associated with the feeling of reward, which controls the functions of the body linked to appetite, attention, learning, sleep, sex, and mood. Those functions are all the symptoms of adult ADD as well.

ADD And Anxiety

The main symptom that adults suffer from is anxiety, which can quickly be depleted by medicinal marijuana.

Anxiety and insomnia are almost nonexistent with the help of cannabis due to the component CBD, which is released into the body when someone uses marijuana.

CBD delays the receptors in our brain that create the “flight or fight,” mentality. These receptors are what cause the paranoid feeling or the fear that causes chronic anxiety and Attention Deficit Disorder.

Medical marijuana is also much safer for someone’s mind and body, rather than prescription pills. Prescription pills are highly addictive and can cause insomnia, lack of appetite, and suicidal thoughts.

In fact, cannabis has been scientifically proven to do the opposite of those symptoms, making it a much safer alternative health remedy.

Treatment For ADD

Prescription medicines for ADD, such as Adderall, etc. are especially dangerous to children because they have weaker immune systems than adults when typically prescribed these meds.

Children’s bodies can react differently to different medications. For one child a prescription pill could help them sleep, but for another, the child could suffer severe insomnia.

When trying to treat Attention Deficit Disorder, it is important to know that cannabis is a natural and herbal supplement with no harsh side effects. Medicinal marijuana could be the cure for ADD in children and adults.

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