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Massage Therapists Are Benefitting From Colorado’s Cannabis Industry

Massage Therapists Are Benefitting From Colorado's Cannabis Industry
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Massage Therapists Are Benefitting From Colorado’s Cannabis Industry

CBD-infused products are revolutionizing Colorado’s wellness industry.

Everyone knows that business is booming for Colorado’s legal cannabis industry. Dispensaries in the city of Denver alone set a new sales record of $587 million in 2017. And across the state, cannabis products continue to increase in popularity. But cannabidiol (CBD) products are enjoying a moment as a particularly desirable trend. CBD product sales have tripled in Colorado since adult-use sales began in 2014. The popularity of CBD has brought economic benefits to companies outside the cannabis industry—including Colorado’s spa and massage businesses.

Massage Therapists Say CBD Lotions Increase Clients’ Enjoyment

Spa owners and massage therapists in Colorado say business has never been so good, thanks to the surging popularity of cannabis-infused health products. The interest in CBD products especially has rejuvenated the spa industry, attracting residents and tourists with the promise of a one-of-a-kind massage experience.

Many Colorado massage therapists are making CBD and THC products the focal point of their practice. Top tier massage and spa specialists are rapidly adding a diverse range of products to their catalog. And so are the companies who manufacture products for them. From CBD salves, to topical lotions, massage butters and facial creams, therapists and their clientele alike are benefitting from the nurturing and calming effects of cannabidiol.

So much so, in fact, that some massage therapists say using CBD is kind of like “hacking” a massage session. A great massage session is all about relaxation, release, rejuvenation. And increasingly, clients are seeking relief from the anxiety induced by their frenetic, plugged-in professional lives.

CBD naturally soothes anxiety, especially in the body. It’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce nerve pain and muscle soreness, melding relaxation and pain relief. Definitely more than non-cannabis lotions or oils, therapists say, CBD products increase the enjoyment of a massage, imparting therapeutic effects beyond what even the most skilled masseuse can create on their own.

Interested in a Weed Massage? Make Sure to Bring Your Own Cannabis Lotion.

But why stop at CBD? Some of the more adventurous massage therapists are finding ways to introduce THC-infused products into their sessions. Unlike CBD, THC produces psychoactive effects; it gets people high. But THCs effects act differently on the body when absorbed through the skin, rather than inhaled or ingested. Cerebral effects are mild, while localized excitation can provide therapeutic stimulation alongside CBD’s calming and relaxing effects.

Customers looking for this next-level spa experience, though, should know that they’ll have to supply their own THC products. Colorado law prohibits non-licensed entities from selling cannabis products containing THC. And spas can’t charge more for using it like they do with CBD.

Since CBD comes from hemp (predominately) and doesn’t contain THC, spas and massage therapists can stock their own. And that lets them become more familiar with different ratios and products.

If you’re looking for a CBD massage experience, say at LoDo Massage Studios or the Fahrenheit Body Spas, be ready to shell out a little extra. Many practitioners charge about $10 or so for spot treatments with CBD-oil. Or, you could go full-body for a $30-40 up-charge.

But if using CBD provides you with more relaxation, pain relief and anxiety reduction, then it’s money well spent. And Coloradans seems to agree.

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