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Medicinal Users More Likely to Vape or Consume Edibles Than Recreational

Medicinal Users More Likely to Vape or Consume Edibles Than Recreational


Medicinal Users More Likely to Vape or Consume Edibles Than Recreational

People who use cannabis for medical purposes are much more likely to vape or consume edibles than those who use it for strictly recreational purposes,a new study published by the RAND Corporation has found.

The study also discovered that medicinal users are more likely to report daily cannabis use, and they tend to consume more cannabis than recreational users in terms of grams-per-day.

But the most active group of cannabis consumers are those who use cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes.

According to the study, 86 percent of people who use marijuana for medical purposes also use it for recreational purposes.

And people in this group were by far the largest consumers of cannabis.

” were more than three times as likely to report recreational cannabis use on a near-daily basis as compared to those who use marijuana only for recreation,” explained a press release published this morning.

“The same group also consumed more cannabis on average each day than recreational-only users (1.1 gram per day versus 0.35 grams) and spent more each month on cannabis ($50.50 versus $24.80).”

The findings are based on a survey that included 1,994 people from Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington. The project was designed to track the way that changing marijuana laws impact peoples’ consumption patterns.

“Understanding how people use marijuana will allow us to better understand the implications of changing policies and better track changes in behavior,” said lead research Rosalie Pacula.

“Our findings provide new insights, but there is still much more that we need to learn.”

Other key findings from the study include the discovery that, even in states where medicinal cannabis is legal, many people still self-medicate using cannabis purchased from black market dealers.

“We found that relatively few people were growing their own marijuana and many people who used medical marijuana were getting it from dealers, rather than from dispensaries,” Pacula said.

Similarly, researchers were surprised to find that fewer people than they’d initially thought report using alcohol and cannabis together at the same time.

Only about 17 percent of recreational marijuana users said they used the two together.

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