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Organic Hemp Bras Could Prevent Cancer

Organic Hemp Bras Can Prevent Cancer


Organic Hemp Bras Could Prevent Cancer

Organic Hemp Bras

Cannabis has recently been linked to preventing and curing cancer due to the THC component in the plant. However, did you know that hemp can also limit and prevent cancer when used in different items, such as organic hemp bras?

Like a 1960’s feminist, let’s burn our cancer inducing bras and opt for a more organic cradle to our two best girls!

Bras are awful. Like literally the worst. They constrict our movement, cause back pain, and also make our boobs, well saggy.

Scientists have even said that women who wear underwire bras, or bras with more restriction have a lower increase in toning of the breast tissue.

This is not only causes sagging but also means the breasts are heavier on the back causing back pain and terrible posture.

This heaviness could also lead to breast cancer. Along with obesity, heaviness in the chest means that body fat is building up in one area, meaning that there is more likely of a chance for cancer to grow.

According to a study in 1995, women that wear underwire or constricting bras for more than twelve hours a day have a higher chance of developing cancer cells.

This is due to underwire restricting the lymph node system. This restriction could inevitably result in a build up of toxins in the breast.

Even though this study is not definite proof, there are other bra options for us ladies! Hemp could be the answer to this particular lady prob.

Hemp is the best choice for bras, not just because of comfort, but also for the health benefits. Cotton that is used for many bras is filled with pesticides and can be absorbed into the skin while wearing them.

This could lead to toxic build up in our mammary glands, aka the tatas.

Organic hemp bras, however, is entirely free of toxins. Not only does hemp not need pesticides to grow lush, but it doesn’t help from any chemicals at all. Meaning that the only thing that goes onto the nipple is the plant itself.

Organic Hemp Bras


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Also, the best thing about organic hemp bras is that gets softer the more that you wear it. Yas qween!

Every woman knows that bras last for maybe a couple of months before they either start to pill or become more harsh against your lady twins. However, washing hemp does not break down the fiber, like cotton does, meaning that the comfort will last for years.

To test out the waters, try intimates like those from Nomad hemp bras and underwear. These featured organic hemp bras are completely toxin and pesticide free and are made of the best durable hemp. These bras will cradle your boobs in cancer-free wonderfulness. Don’t play the guessing game when it comes to bras and cancer.

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