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The Case For Putting Cannabis Up Your Vagina

Marijuana Suppositories


The Case For Putting Cannabis Up Your Vagina

A new cannabis-infused suppository has been specially formulated to ease symptoms associated with menstrual cycle.

Doctors are worried about a new vaginal cannabis suppository that is being used to treat menstrual cramps because it has not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The California-based company, Foria Relief, offers the suppository to patients in California and Colorado, and the owners hope to expand to other states shortly.

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Foria Relief 4 Pack

The cannabis suppository contains 60mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical responsible for most of the marijuana’s psychological effects, as well as 10mg of cannabidiol and cocoa butter.

Menstrual pain is a normal part of life for many girls and women, and the pain can range from dull to severe. During a woman’s menstrual cycle, the lining of the womb is being shed and the uterus contracts, which can cause cramping pain in the lower stomach and lower back.

The owners of Foria Relief say THC helps block much of the pain, while the cannabidiol and cocoa butter improve the immune system and help reduce inflammation.

Many women have had success with using the suppository and are sharing their positive experiences online.

May Way wrote,

“Within 20 minutes, my cramps totally disappeared. What I was surprised about was the longevity. Midol will wear off after about half a work day, and during most periods I’ll pop six a day. But one Foria suppository did its job well into the evening.”

Although many women have had success with using the suppository, doctors are apprehensive because the suppository is not FDA approved, and many doctors feel there isn’t adequate research on what potential risks may be associated with using the suppository.

Dr. Helen Webberley told the Huffington Post,

“Any medication needs to be fully evaluated for its risks and benefits before it can be classified as being safe for use. I would be very worried about women using this product before it has been fully evaluated.”

Despite resistance from doctors, the owners of Foria Relief continue to help patients in California and Colorado, and they hope to have a presence in more states shortly.

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