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Rick Simpson Claims He Can Show Anyone How To Beat Cancer

Rick Simpson Claims He Can Show Anyone How To Beat Cancer

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Rick Simpson Claims He Can Show Anyone How To Beat Cancer

Also known as “Phoenix Tears”, Rick Simpson Oil (or RSO) is a powerful extract that treats a myriad of diseases and has claimed to beat cancer.  Oh and it’s completely free to make.

In 2003, Rick Simpson discovered that marijuana extracts in high doses can treat a number of serious medical conditions as well as beat certain types of cancers.

While his claims have proven controversial, many support RSO as an effective alternative treatment.

Marijuana prohibition has stifled most research into the medicinal properties of cannabis, but as research into medicinal marijuana has made leaps and bounds, many of Simpson’s claims are being substantiated.

Simpson developed a process of extracting cannabinoids into a tarry resin, which is then stored in a syringe (not the kind with a needle, thankfully).  RSO produces high levels of THC (between 90% and 98%) and other cannabinoids.

The oil is ingested or diluted into a salve or ointment.  Simpson claims ingesting 2 grams of RSO over a 2 to 3 month period, along with proper regimen, can beat certain cancers.

Then he did something even more important: he gave the recipe away for free.

In an hour-long Youtube video, “Run From The Cure” Simpson explained the importance of his discovery, offering testimonials from patients who were cured using RSO.  Since then the video has gone viral, and RSO has become a popular medicine.

So popular, in fact, that scammers are latching onto the trend.  On his official Facebook page, Simpson warns of scammers: “many fake profiles pretend to be Rick or another reliable source . . . all the information you will need to make your own oil is free and simple to follow on Ricks official website (”

Rather than trust an unknown source, Simpson encourages people to make their own RSO.

“If you can brew coffee you can make my oil,” Simpson claims in his video.

Although the process is somewhat dangerous, involving heating and evaporating isopropyl alcohol, and requiring a pound of dry flower, it is a relatively simple process.

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