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School Nurses May Soon Be Allowed to Give Medicinal Cannabis Oil

School Nurses May Soon Be Allowed to Give Medicinal Cannabis Oil - GREEN RUSH DAILY

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School Nurses May Soon Be Allowed to Give Medicinal Cannabis Oil

School Nurses

Qualified School nurses and caregivers in Delaware may soon be able to give public school students doses of medicinal cannabis oil throughout the school day if a new bill passes.

Senate Bill 181, which was introduced this week in Delaware, would make it possible for children who qualify for the state’s recently expanded medical marijuana program to access their medicine while they’re at school.

The new proposal is an attempt to piggyback on a law passed last year that made it possible for children with certain medical conditions to access cannabis oil legally.

That law, nicknamed “Rylie’s Law,” came about when lawmakers heard the story of Rylie Maedler, who was nine years old when the law passed.

In 2015, Maedler began suffering from seizures after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor from her face. To access new forms of treatment, Maedler, and her parents pushed state lawmakers to expand the medical marijuana program so that children would be allowed to use certain types of cannabis-derived medicine.

Multiple studies have come out over the past few months indicating that CBD oils may be effective forms of treatment for children with epilepsy.

Now that Rylie’s Law has passed into law, some politicians in Delaware say it doesn’t quite go far enough.

“Sometimes, the medicine needs to be dispersed multiple times during the day,” Republican Senator Ernie Lopez, the new bill’s primary sponsor, explained to reporters.

“There should be no barrier for wellness for children.”

If Senate Bill 181 passes, it will allow state-licensed nurses and caregivers to dispense CBD oil to children with prescriptions throughout the regular school day.

So far, the bill appears to have support from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, and no significant objections have been raised.

Lopez and other supporters of the bill have explained that, as they see it, allowing nurses to give students their prescribed doses of CBD oil is the same thing as allowing school nurses to administer EpiPens or other similar medicine to students.

Delaware’s expanding medical marijuana laws echo a more general trend in which Americans appear to be increasingly for legalizing cannabis for medicinal uses.

A CBS News poll recently found that 84% of Americans think doctors should be allowed to prescribe marijuana for patients with serious illnesses, compared to 13% who said they shouldn’t.

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