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Study Reveals America Needs More High-Quality Cannabis Medications

Study Reveals America Needs More High-Quality Cannabis Medications


Study Reveals America Needs More High-Quality Cannabis Medications

John Hudak is a researcher with the nonpartisan Brookings Institution think tank. He concluded in a March 22 study that the White House and Congress must act immediately to save American lives by allowing more high-quality cannabis medications.

Hudak has asked the White House and Congress to pass the CARERS Act.

The CARERS Act is a marijuana liberalization law that aims to remove barriers to medical cannabis research. The Act would also protect doctors and patients from legal liability. And it would ultimately re-classify cannabis so that therapeutic forms would be legal in all 50 states and U.S. territories.

In the study, titled “The Medical Marijuana Mess — A prescription for fixing a broken policy,” Hudak writes that children are dying because of the absence of safe, tested, and standardized cannabis products.

The study also shows how parents are becoming refugees in their own country. Many families are packing up and moving thousands of miles to experiment with medical cannabis regimens far from their home states. Other parents are forced to become drug traffickers to obtain medical cannabis for their sick children.

Hudak essentially says this is all unacceptable and that we need to immediately re-schedule marijuana.

Hudak places a special emphasis on the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD. CBD doesn’t get users high, but the potent cannabinoid has been praised for its medical properties. Hudak wants to completely de-schedule CBD as a drug.

According to Hudak, medical marijuana policy in the United States is putting Americans at risk by not allowing more high-quality cannabis medications.

“The federal government keeps people who live in states that don’t have medical marijuana programs from accessing a product that could benefit their health.”

“It creates barriers against research into the safety and efficacy of a product used by tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people who do live in states that have legalized it,” Hudak writes.

Hudak’s report is a required reading for federal legislators and activists at the local and state level. Anyone interested in the fight for legal medical cannabis can gain from Hudak’s study.

Overall the report further validates what activists have been saying for years, and what many have gone to jail for. Cannabis therapies work, and science is proving it more and more every day.

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