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The 4 Best Strains For Athletes

The 4 Best Strains For Athletes


The 4 Best Strains For Athletes

Athletes and cannabis are not something that is commonly thought of. Most of the times, cannabis smokers are portrayed as vegging out in front of the TV, but cannabis and exercising can definitely go together. However, in recent studies, it has been shown that hand eye coordination or impairments of athletic ability do not come from smoking cannabis.

These strains might just be the best accompaniment to any athletes activity.


Orange Diesel 

Orange diesel is perfect for adventurous athletes who are interested in hiking or biking. This sativa dominant strain promotes intense focus and is medicinally used for people who suffer from ADD or ADHD.

Orange diesel also offers a boost of much needed energy, that dispels the idea that all cannabis smokers are just lethargic sleepers. Also, with this strain there are no sudden bouts of paranoia or anxiety, making this the best strain for all types of adventure seekers.



Flo is the perfect hybrid strain for anyone who dances or Zumbas’ as a form of exercise. The main effects of this strain is a beautiful feeling of lightness and happiness, or a perfect “light on your toes” aura.

This strain is the best choice if you want to feel upbeat, while dancing away those pounds.

The other effect of this strain is a depletion of stress and a boost of creative thoughts. Everyone knows that dancing can be a little awkward in front of other people, but with this herbal remedy, say goodbye to stress!


Sour Cheese

Sour cheese is the perfect strain for anyone that is playing pick up games or any type of exercise with a group of people. This strain is the best natural medicine for anyone dealing with social anxiety, or for those who have trouble dealing with others in general.

Sour cheese will give you the confidence to work hard with your team, whether it be soccer, basketball, or football. The uplifting and talkative effects will have you breaking a sweat, and feeling so damn good about it.


Fruity Chronic Juice

This one tops our list with obviously the best sounding name, but try Fruity Chronic Juice if you are stretching or doing intense yoga. FCJ is an impressive indica dominated strain that is jam packed with aromas ranging from citrus to pine. This strain also has intense medical benefits due to it’s THC level.

Fruity chronic juice is the best companion to yoga because it will give the smoker a happy feeling, while also completely curing any headaches. This relief for migraines and anxiety will allow you to be able to downward dog and stretch without any mental blockers.

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