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Why Does Weed Make You More Introverted?


Why Does Weed Make You More Introverted?

Half of the world is introverted, or at least has introverted tendencies. Which means they like spending time in their own mental worlds more than the physical world. It is commonly known that marijuana makes you more introverted. Since weed started becoming legal in several states in the US, there’s been a lot of research. Studies are trying to evaluate the effects of marijuana.

The Introvert In Social Settings

Why Does Weed Make You More Introverted?

Introverted people tend to be “antisocial” because they’re not the happiest in social settings. This can be a personal preference, or the root of it could be social awkwardness.

Introverted people try to avoid the emotional distress that comes from being social. Some people also prefer to be by themselves because of fear of rejection. And what might follow — loneliness and depression.

To put it simply, cannabis makes people okay with being introverted. It makes it easy for them to be alone, with their own thoughts. So they don’t have the fear or rejection. Or they don’t feel lonely or depressed when they are with themselves. Which is why they don’t feel the need to be extroverted or social.

Scientific Reason Why Cannabis Makes You Introverted

Why Does Weed Make You More Introverted?

Many studies are coming up with different ways cannabis affects introverted people. And since marijuana and acetaminophen work through the same receptors, the effects are similar.

Psychologists at University of Kentucky Timothy Deckman and C. Nathan DeWall studied marijuana and social rejection. Back in 2010, DeWall wrote a paper indicating that acetaminophen reduces the pain of social rejection and anxiety. And since marijuana interacts with the brain the same way acetaminophen does, the effects are comparable.

In one of the studies DeWall and Deckman outlined, they studied levels of loneliness in 5,631 Americans. These volunteers were smokers and non-smokers. They found a correlation between feelings of loneliness and low self-worth. As compared to non-smokers, smokers had much weaker feelings of both.

So cannabis smokers are less likely to be lonely or depressed. Compared to non-smokers, they don’t show as much negative self-worth or poor mental health. They actually like themselves, and enjoy their own company.

Creative Me-Time For the Introverted Smokers

Why Does Weed Make You More Introverted?

Another reason why weed makes people introverted is that it sparks their creativity. Many introverted people choose cannabis as their escape. They tend to like creative activities like writing, painting, or creating music. Anything creative that they can dive fully into. Add pot to the mix and you have a winning combination!

The rush of dopamine brings with itself an incredible high. It sparks ideas and opens up a whole new world. Creative people enjoy this state. They can just be with themselves and their thoughts.

Everything seems more colorful, all senses are heightened, time slows down. It’s the perfect place to create.

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