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Lamb’s Bread Strain Review And Information

Lamb's Bread Strain Review And Information


Lamb’s Bread Strain Review And Information

Lamb’s Bread is often confused with “Lamb’s Breath,” which is actually a slightly different strain but with similar effects and origins.

We’re talking about Lamb’s Bread

Lamb’s Bread is often confused with “Lamb’s Breath,” which is actually a slightly different strain but with similar effects and origins. Some experts think that Lamb’s Breath might even be a different phenotype of Lamb’s Bread.

In any case, we’re talking about Lamb’s Bread. This strain has become legendary because it’s rumored to be Bob Marley’s favorite strain. One sesh and you’ll immediately know why the reggae star loved it so much.


Lamb’s Bread isn’t necessarily the most mind-blowingly potent strain. It’s a Sativa. And while most Sativas average 13.5% THC, this one averages slightly higher, at 14% THC. The most potent Lamb’s Bread buds max out around the 17% mark.


Lamb's Bread Strain Review And Information

This is where Lamb’s Bread shines. As an almost pure Sativa, it delivers the kind of heady high you’d expect from this type of strain.

A few puffs in and you’ll quickly feel yourself getting uplifted and happy. The cerebral effects will give you an invigorating sense of focus, energy, and creativity. Many people also feel introspective and meditative.

The Sativa effects of this strain are so strong that most people don’t notice any body high. But that’s OK with most smokers since the head highs you’ll get are truly one of a kind.

Scent & Flavor

Lamb’s Bread has an earthy smell and flavor profile. Most buds have a robust and noticeable smell and taste that hits you right away.

It’s most often described as being spicy and kind of woodsy. For many fans of Lamb’s Bread, the smell immediately introduces a clear, meditative sense of calm happiness.

Negative Effects

While the mental stimulation Lamb’s Bread creates is usually a positive experience, it can sometimes be a bit too much. When that happens, users may get paranoid or anxious. Some people also report feeling dizzy or having headaches.

Used For

Lamb's Bread Strain Review And Information

Lamb’s Bread is a great daytime strain. It will stimulate your head and give you a boost of energetic creativity.

The uplifting, pleasant, and euphoric sensations it creates also make it suitable for social settings. After passing this one around, you’ll all be feeling good.

This strain is also good for treating depression and ADHD. And although it’s not known for its biological effects, it can help increase appetite for some patients. Other patients have had success using it for migraines, inflammation, and glaucoma.


Lamb’s Bread is a nearly pure Sativa strain. As far as most people can tell it originated in Jamaica. Most experts think it’s derived from a skunk strain, but the precise genetic background of this strain is a little bit unknown.


This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. But given that it comes from Jamaica, it does best in warmer climates.

You can expect flowers to appear around nine to ten weeks. Buds will be bright green and covered in sticky resin.

This is an excellent strain for growers of all experience levels. The only problem is that it can sometimes be hard to find. But if you can get your hands on it, you’ll have fun growing and smoking the same strain as one of cannabis’s most legendary figures: Bob Marley himself.

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