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Green Crack: The Strain So Good You Won’t Be Able to Stop

Green Crack: The Strain So Good You Won't Be Able to Stop - GREEN RUSH DAILY


Green Crack: The Strain So Good You Won’t Be Able to Stop

Green Crack Strain Information

There’s a reason Green Crack is the go-to marijuana strain for people who need high energy and a creative mindset to make the best of their day.

The sativa-dominant hybrid is the famous brainchild of a brilliant cannabis grower and geneticist who pulled off an experimental crossing of Skunk#1 and an unknown indica strain, back in 1990.

Today, Green Crack is celebrated for the energetic high it provides, without sacrificing focus and mental clarity.

This strain is the best of both worlds: it’s sharp energy dose combats fatigue, stress, and depression, while the invigorating and stimulating mental rush carries users through their day uplifted and enthusiastic.

The flavors released by the Green Crack strain are delicious: a tangy mango-infused flavor growers describe as “sickly sweet” and “sweet candy fruit.” Folks who have been around cannabis for a few decades might recognize it by its previous name, “Cush” — with a C, not a K.

In fact, rumor has it that the strain was christened “Green Crack” by none other than Snoop Dogg himself, who said the weed was so good, you just wanted to keep smoking it. The bud’s addictive personality earned it the moniker Green Crack.

Patients considering the strain will need to consider how best to balance the potency and high-energy results with their treatment goals and resources.

Green Crack tends to be a popular medication for those people who need to medicate throughout the day, but prefer not to reach for the pipe every few minutes.

Often considered one of the most stimulating, heart-racing strains available, it makes sense that the Green Crack strain is sativa-dominant, due to the overwhelming amount of Skunk #1 in its genetics.

The mysterious indica component blends perfectly with Skunk #1, rounding out the speedy aspects of the sativa with the mentally calming, relaxing, and uplifting qualities of indica strains. This strain pulls this off without the indica taking over and causing sleepy or restful effects to dominate.

Green Crack is perfect, then, for falling into that groove with the task at hand, whether it’s a late night work session or personal creative project. It’s is there for folks who want to get stuff done and feel incredible doing it.

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