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Rapper Freddie Gibbs Has Plans to Take Over the Entire Cannabis Industry

Rapper Freddie Gibbs Has Plans to Take Over the Cannabis Industry - GREEN RUSH DAILY


Rapper Freddie Gibbs Has Plans to Take Over the Entire Cannabis Industry

Freddie Gibbs has been getting some serious attention since the November 20 release of his album Shadow of a Doubt.

But rap isn’t the only thing he’s been up to lately.

While sitting in recently on BREALTV’s “The Smokebox” with Cypress Hill rapper B-Real, Gibbs told the world about his plans to dive headfirst into the rapidly expanding cannabis industry.

“We got this Freddie Kane Strain, smoking a little of it right now. It’s Freddie Kane OG” he said on the YouTube video, referring to the strain he’s been developing.

“We coming with the oils, all different kind of flavors so be on the lookout for that Freddie Kane OG.”

On the show, he made it clear that he’s taking his weed game every bit as serious as his rap game.

“I’m really not just a rapper like, ‘I’m about to put my name on weed.’ Nah, definitely not,” he said. “I’m definitely working with the culture.”

From what he had to say, it sounds like his time living and working in California has played a key role in his decision to move into the cannabis industry and his efforts to develop his own signature strains and products.

“I never saw weed getting like this,” he said. “I’m from Gary, Indiana so having a bag of weed is like having a bag of cocaine out there.”

“Living out here in California for the past 10 or 11 years has just opened my mind to a lot of different sh*t, like man, we can actually cultivate, sell this sh*t, make tax money off this sh*t, we can really do this sh*t for real legal.”

“Why are drugs so illicit in this country?”

Apparently Gibbs doesn’t just want to make money from his cannapreneurship efforts, he also wants to help change the cultural face of marijuana.

“Weed is just a part of my whole day,” he said. “We get high and we’re productive people—weed smokers are productive people.”

“Not all smokers are lazy ass stoners. That’s definitely a bad stereotype.”

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