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Cannabis Edibles Are Officially For Sale In Oregon

Cannabis Edibles Are Officially For Sale In Oregon


Cannabis Edibles Are Officially For Sale In Oregon

Cannabis Edibles

Oregonians have enjoyed the legal sale and use of recreational cannabis flowers since mid-2015. But now for the first time, low dose recreational cannabis edibles will go on sale.

It’s safe to say that edibles are quickly becoming a highly popular form of consuming cannabis edibles. In fact, in places where recreational cannabis is legal, edibles account for a significant percentage of all sales.

There’s plenty of reasons people might want to avoid smoking marijuana. But few can turn down sugary treats or savory delights of cannabis edibles. As more and more states continue to legalize marijuana, the production (and quality) of cannabis edibles is only going to increase.

So far, cannabis edibles were only available to Oregonians with medical cannabis licenses. That all changed at midnight on June 2, 2016. Cannabis edibles will, at last, be available for purchase by anyone 21 years of age and older.

But there’s a catch. Oregon law is limiting the THC concentration allowed in the sale of recreational edibles. In response to reports that edibles could deliver THC quantities far above typical cannabis flowers, Oregon is deciding to play it safe.

There’s going to be a 15 mg limit for cannabinoids in recreational edibles. On top of that, there will be a limit of one unit per customer, per store, per day.

Veteran tokers, who need a lot of THC from edibles to get the desired effect, are going to have a hard time purchases the supplies they need. Newcomers or casual cannabis consumers, however, will likely find the 15 mg level plenty of THC to get high.

Oregon is attempting to inform potential edible buyers about the risks, especially for children. They warn that while the effects of cannabis are felt almost immediately upon smoking or vaping, the effect of a cannabis edible can take up to 3-4 hours for full effect.

Simply put, different body makeups and chemistries mean that THC can affect people very differently, depending on various factors. Oregon is advising the public to experiment with the 15 mg limit, and to wait at least 90 minutes before attempting to consume more cannabis edibles.

Products available in dispensaries will have their total THC content clearly marked on the packaging, and must have a clear “THC serving size” listed.

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