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A Luxury 420-Friendly Airbnb Is Coming To Massachusetts

A Luxury 420-Friendly Airbnb Is Coming To Massachusetts
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A Luxury 420-Friendly Airbnb Is Coming To Massachusetts

Check out a dispensary, get a medical marijuana card and receive the gift of weed with this high-end canna-tourism company.

After legalizing recreational weed, Massachusetts is gearing up for a booming canna-tourism industry. One of the best places you can look for the luxury weed vacation of your dreams is 420 Suites, a new branch of an East Coast rental company based out of Boston. From chauffeurs to dispensaries to infused chocolates on your pillow, here’s what to expect from Boston’s luxury weed Airbnb.

High-End Canna-Tourism Is Coming to Boston

The biggest weed market on the East coast is getting its first luxury canna-tourism company. 420 Suites is a new division of Northeast Suites, a short-term rental service operating across the country, but focusing on the East Coast. They have a network of fully-furnished apartments and townhouses perfectly suited for traveling businesspeople, patients seeking healthcare treatment at Boston’s many hospitals and tourists.

Though Massachusetts has delayed weed legalization, Northeast Suites is ready for the upcoming surge in canna-tourism. To date, they’ve introduced two canna-tourism packages: one for medical marijuana patients and another for people curious about cannabis.

“I was in a unique position to use the business I built up in a way that it helps disassociate that stigma, and make it easier for people who wanted to learn about the medical benefits of marijuana, of how to get into a clinic, of how to get a card,” founder and medical marijuana cardholder Patrick Flynn told Green Rush Daily.

A Closer Look At 420 Suites’ Packages

Today, visitors to Boston can book one of 200 rental properties around the city. As part of the first package, a chauffeur will take potential medical cannabis patients to Canna Care Docs in Waltham and Revolutionary Clinics, a dispensary in Somerville. This package is for people looking for a streamlined way to get medical cannabis.

This stay also includes hemp-based edibles. once Massachusetts legalizes cannabis, the company can also give you much more than CBD. “We can give them the chocolate on the pillow— a mint chocolate edible treat—and then there are plans to distribute through our apartments once it goes recreational,” Flynn adds. This would mean that you wouldn’t even have to leave your apartment to get your weed.

As of this week, 420 Suites is offering a second package called 420 Suites Express. They designed it for people who want to learn more about medical marijuana, but who aren’t necessarily patients. With this package, you can check out an apartment for an hour to learn whether you’d be interested in a longer stay.

During this time, industry professionals will teach you about your cannabis product options. You may receive a ‘gift’ of marijuana—meaning no cash exchange will take place—from a local vendor partnered with 420 Suites.

The Future of East Coast Cannabis (and Canna-Tourism)

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission hasn’t finalized the state’s cannabis program. This means that recreational marijuana users cannot legally buy weed just yet. For now, only weed gifts are legal.

And there are also some serious hurdles for canna-tourism once weed is finally legal. For instance, you still won’t be allowed to smoke in public places. This making access to a 420 friendly apartment and community a necessary part of tourism.

Despite the complexities of cannabis law, canna-tourism is booming. Locals can watch a Red Sox game after eating some infused dark chocolate from a dispensary. International travelers, curious about Boston and legal weed, can stay for an extended period of time. No matter who you are, if you’re over 21, there is a canna-tourism package—and weed products—right for you.

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