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Proposed Rules Could Allow Medical Marijuana Deliveries In Michigan

Proposed Rules Could Allow Medical Marijuana Deliveries In Michigan
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Proposed Rules Could Allow Medical Marijuana Deliveries In Michigan

Michigan has a chance to make medical marijuana much more accessible to patients.

Medical Marijuana deliveries in Michigan could soon become a reality. Policy makers are currently considering a new set of rules for the state’s medical marijuana program. One of the most important rules would allow for home deliveries to patients throughout the state.

Michigan Considering a New Home Delivery System

The new rule was proposed by the Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation, which helps oversee medical marijuana in Michigan. Under the new rule, medical marijuana dispensaries—which now must legally be called “provisioning centers” in Michigan—would be allowed to deliver medication directly to a patient’s home.

To qualify, a patient must first be registered with the state. Then, they need to make an order through a new online ordering system. This system would be a key feature of the proposed home delivery program.

After placing an order, patients can pay with a credit card, using the same online system. Alternatively, they would be also be allowed to pay with cash when the order arrives.

As for provisioning centers, the new rules would introduce a handful of changes. For starters, delivery people would be required to keep a detailed log of each delivery. This log will be part of a larger statewide monitoring system.

A delivery person will only be allowed to make up to three individual deliveries on any single trip. And they can only deliver directly to patients, not to caregivers.

Further, each delivery vehicle must be equipped with GPS tracking technology. On top of that, delivery people are not allowed to leave any product in the vehicle unattended. All of this is to ensure that all medical marijuana and marijuana products are accounted for, in keeping with state laws.

Provisioning centers do not need any new licenses to start making home deliveries. Companies that transport product between facilities need a special transportation license. But home deliveries from a provisioning center do not.

The home delivery idea is now being reviewed. There will be a public hearing in September. Lawmakers hope to get the program up and running by the end of the year.

Michigan’s Evolving Medical Marijuana Program

According to local news sources, Michigan is committed to making medical marijuana as accessible as possible. Home deliveries would be a big step forward.

In particular, it would help patients who live too far from a dispensary. Similarly, it would help patients with serious health conditions that make it hard for them to travel.

Michigan’s medical marijuana program has seen some ups and downs over the past year or so. Most notably, the state at one point considered shutting down all dispensaries.

Fortunately for medical marijuana patients, that did not happen. Instead, the state passed a series of stop-gap rules while they draft a new set of more permanent laws.

As part of these laws, the state has prohibited the industry from using a number of words. For example, dispensaries must now be called provisioning centers. Similarly, words like “pharmacy,” “drug store,” and “medicine store” are also not allowed.

The idea of home deliveries is the latest development as the state continues hashing out its medical marijuana program.

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