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American Legion Rallies To Support Medical Marijuana

American Legion Rallies To Support Medical Marijuana


American Legion Rallies To Support Medical Marijuana

The non-profit group The American Legion publicly supports medical marijuana. Their goal is to try to get veterans access to medical weed.

In an effort to support the troops, the American Legion rallies to support medical marijuana. Yesterday, they assembled to make a plea to the Department of Veterans Affairs to be more accepting and open to the potential of medical marijuana to help improve the quality of life for U.S. veterans.

Support Weed To Support Veterans

The American Legion is a nationwide nonprofit organization that is devoted to helping veterans and the families of both veterans and those on active duty. According to their website, they are the largest wartime veterans service organization in the United States.

This year’s national conference, held in Reno, Nevada, has just come to a close. During the conference, the American Legion passed a resolution that is nothing short of revolutionary. The goal of the resolution is to work to convince the federal government to lift a controversial prohibition. The prohibition in question is that of the Veterans Affairs doctors from discussing medical marijuana with their patients. The resolution also calls for the allowance of these doctors to recommend medical marijuana to their patients in states where it is legal.

The author of the resolution, Rob Ryan, is from Ohio. His home state has the fourth highest rate of deaths due to overdose. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Ohio is just behind West Virginia, Kentucky, and New Hampshire. Interestingly, Ohio has a medical marijuana program in place.

The American Legion And Cannabis

American Legion Rallies To Support Medical Marijuana

The American Legion is a known pro-cannabis organization. Just last year, they supported efforts to remove cannabis from the list of Schedule 1 drugs. By removing weed from this list, which also includes heroin and ecstasy, it would permit more research to be conducted to uncover even more health benefits. Particularly when it comes to treating mental illnesses like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

They have been seeking meetings with Donald Trump to try to convince him to amend his regime’s policy regarding weed.

 Final Hit: American Legion Rallies To Support Medical Marijuana

As it stands, the VA policy does not allow their associated doctors to discuss cannabis use with their patients or recommending it for medical purposes. Even in states with a medical marijuana program. While there have been efforts to lift this ban, they have all, so far, been unsuccessful. The Veteran’s Equal Access effort was not included in last year’s negotiations, even though both the House and the Senate voted in favor of it.

However, now that the American Legion rallies to support medical marijuana, it has a fighting chance. The American Legion has a good amount of clout when it comes to veterans affairs. Now that they are supporting the cause and the amendment, Veteran’s Equal Access might actually have a shot at this year’s round of VA legislation.

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