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Berner Brings Cookies Cannabis Strains to Washington State

Berner Brings Cookies Cannabis Strains to Washington State


Berner Brings Cookies Cannabis Strains to Washington State

The Rapper’s company has been making licensing agreements to bring the brand to other states.

San Francisco Bay Area rapper Berner is making some potentially big moves in the legal cannabis industry. Having already made his cannabis brand, Cookies, a relatively recognizable brand in California, Berner is now expanding the brand to other markets.

Specifically, the rapper’s company recently announced a new deal that will move the company’s strains into the Washington market. Similarly, Cookies also entered into an earlier arrangement that will bring the brand into Maryland’s medical marijuana market.

Cookies Strains Coming to Washington

Berner’s company, Cookies, just announced a new partnership with Rubicon Organics Inc., a large cannabis growing company. Under the terms of the partnership, Cookies strains will be grown and produced at Rubicon facilities.

Importantly, this arrangement will facilitate the rollout of the Cookies brand into the Washington market.

“Washington has always been a very educated market and has bonded with the Bay Area and Cookies Genetics since the medical scene,” Berner said in a press release.

“This makes our breeding projects in Washington extremely true to our brand. Rubicon is providing the perfect platform to roll out Cookies properly in Washington. We are beyond excited and eager to get going.”

As per the release, Rubicon will grow Cookies brand strains in its cultivation facilities in Washington. Specifically, the company runs a 40,000 square-foot grow site.

Once the facility begins producing the new strains, Cookies strains will become available in Washington state. That includes the company’s strains as well as other cannabis products. Specifically, Cookies is known for its line of flower, grown at various facilities both indoors and outdoors in direct sun.

Cookies brand products also include pre-rolls, gel caps, and vape cartridges. And, more recently, the company has seen success with its line of clothes and cannabis accessories.

The company’s recent press release said that cannabis consumers in Washington can expect to see Cookies brand strains sometime later this year, most likely in the fourth quarter.

License in Maryland

Washington is not Berner’s only new deal. Earlier this month, his company also landed a partnership to bring products into Maryland’s medical marijuana market.

Under this arrangement, Cookies will work with Maryland-based cannabis company Culta. Specifically, Culta will become the exclusive grower, manufacturer, and distributor of the Cookies brand in the Maryland market.

According to a press release detailing the Maryland partnership, the two companies are already beginning to produce Cookies strains, extracts, and products specifically for the Maryland medical market.
Patients in the state can reportedly expect to see these products in dispensaries this year, potentially as early as the fall.

“The music scene and culture in Baltimore is legendary,” Berner said in the press release. “And Maryland deserves the best flower.”

The rapper-turned-cannabis-entrepreneur added: “Taking this step with Culta was a no-brainer after seeing that quality is their main focus. I’m looking forward to building with Culta and bringing an incredible menu to Maryland.”

Growing a National Brand

Taking these partnerships together, it appears that Berner is working to grow his Cookies brand from a California brand to a national brand.

Originally, Berner and Bay Area cultivator and breeder, Jigga, founded Cookies in 2012. The company started out in the duo’s home state of California.

To date, the company has produced more than 50 cannabis varieties. Additionally, Berner has worked to leverage his musical career to help move the company into the social media, clothing, and fashion spaces.

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