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“Big Bang Theory” Producer Creating New Cannabis Comedy TV Show

"Big Bang Theory" Producer Creating New Cannabis Comedy TV Show


“Big Bang Theory” Producer Creating New Cannabis Comedy TV Show

Chuck Lorre is a big deal in the world of television.

Currently, he produces The Bang Theory, Mom, and Mike & Molly, and his resume of past shows includes Two and a Half Men, Dharma & Greg, and Roseanne.

To summarize the impact Lorre’s made on pop culture, Culture Magazine called him “arguably the most influential producer in television.”

And now it seems that Lorre is throwing his energy—and his status as a powerhouse producer—into the cannabis craze.

Lorre is currently in the process of developing a new comedy sitcom that will be set in a Colorado marijuana dispensary.

Co-written with The Daily Show‘s David Javerbaum, the show will follow the exploits of a group of comedic potheads, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Early reports have said that the show would be produced by Warner Bros. Television, and while initial guesses are that it would air on CBS, there hasn’t yet been any concrete deal made between Lorre and a network.

News sources say that Lorre is still shopping the show around in search of a network.

If Lorre’s marijuana-themed show is picked up, it would be the latest in a string of cannabis TV shows and web series scheduled to fill the screens of American viewers in 2016.

Pot comedies have long been a niche in the film industry, including cult classic stoner flicks like Cheech and ChongDazed and ConfusedHalf BakedThe Big LebowskiFriday, and many many more.

But as cannabis begins moving into the mainstream, a growing number of sitcoms have started exploring pot-related themes as well.

Comedian and outspoken pot advocate Margaret Cho is working on a cannabis comedy called Highland, which will be available to Amazon Prime subscribers.

Adam Scott, famous for playing Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation, and his wife Naomi Scott are developing a show called Buds, which is scheduled to air on NBC.

And HBO’s High Maintenance is scheduled to make the transition from web series to TV series later this year, Culture Magazine reported.

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