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California’s City of Industry Bans Weed Businesses

California's City of Industry Bans Weed Businesses


California’s City of Industry Bans Weed Businesses

In surprising news, California’s City of Industry bans weed businesses, despite the State’s impending legalization of recreational cannabis.

Despite the upcoming state-wide legalization of recreational cannabis, California’s City of Industry bans weed businesses. The decision came to a vote last Thursday during a City Council session. Given the City of Industry’s local laws regarding the plant, the decision shouldn’t come as a surprise. The municipality also prohibits medical cannabis.

Weed In California

California's City of Industry Bans Weed Businesses

Medical marijuana became legalized in California back in 1996. It was the first state in the country to implement a medical marijuana program and paved the way for other states to follow suit. Those in the cannabis industry have traditionally seen California as one of the most tolerant and progressive states when it comes to weed.

In 2016, California voters decided to take the state’s stance on weed one step further. Recreational use. That year, they voted in the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, which legalized the sale, purchase, and consumption of weed for recreational use among adults aged 21 and over. Although the law was passed in 2016, California dispensaries will not be permitted to sell recreational weed until 2018. Still, recreational tokers aren’t hurting for cannabis. The guidelines for obtaining a medical card in the Golden State are notoriously lax. And under current law, adults may gift each other up to an ounce of bud. There are even weed delivery services.

In the City of Industry, however, the laws are different. The City of Industry is an industrial suburb of Los Angeles. As of this year, there are fewer than 300 residents living there. Known by Californians as simply “Industry,” this municipality has local laws that prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits.

In preparation for the implementation of the Adults Use of Marijuana Act, Industry is taking their anti-cannabis stand one step further. In recent news reports, it has been revealed that California’s City of Industry bans weed businesses.

Final Hit: California’s City of Industry Bans Weed Businesses

The decision to ban weed businesses came unanimously in a City Council session in industry. City of Industry’s mayor, Mark Radecki, cited the risk of crime as the driving force behind the vote. He and the other members of the City Council expressed concerns that the apparent lack of a tracking system for recreational weed would increase the rate of cannabis-related crime. Including the potential burglary of dispensaries and the sale of weed to minors.

Now that the news that California’s City of Industry bans weed businesses has become public, one might wonder how the rest of the state will view it. Since California is by and large cannabis-friendly, it seems strange that one suburb would outlaw it entirely. Especially when you consider that a weed entrepreneur has recently bought the California town of Nipton for the sole purpose of capitalizing on the cannabis industry. But still, City of Industry has a minuscule population. If the City Council voted in this measure, it’s likely that the residents are in favor of it.

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