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Chicago PD Release Video Showing Where You Can Smoke Weed Legally

Chicago PD Release Video Showing Where You Can Smoke Weed Legally


Chicago PD Release Video Showing Where You Can Smoke Weed Legally

Find out where you will be allowed to consume cannabis before it becomes legal in Illinois in a few weeks.

Recreational cannabis is slated to become legal in the state of Illinois starting January 1, 2020. As that date approaches, cities throughout the state are getting ready to implement changes.

In some locations, that means flat-out banning the sale and consumption of marijuana. In other places, that means rolling out public information campaigns.

The city of Chicago will allow cannabis sales and consumption. Recently, the city launched an informational campaign called Cannabis Facts Chicago. The initiative aims to give city residents an overview of everything related to recreational weed. That includes information on consumption, the effects of marijuana, and how new laws will work in 2020.

Most recently, the Chicago Police Department published a video explaining where people will and will not be allowed to smoke weed when it becomes legal next year.

Chicago PD’s New Video

The PD posted the video to its Facebook page yesterday. In it, a police officer explains a number of rules that will go into effect next year.

According to the video, the main rules about legal weed in Chicago include:

  • Only adults 21 and older can buy, possess, and consume weed.
  • It will be legal to buy and possess up to 30 grams of flower, 5 grams of concentrate, and 500 milligrams of weed-infused products.
  • The only place to buy weed legally is from a licensed retailer, nobody else.
  • It will still be illegal to grow weed at home. Medical marijuana patients with a card are the only ones who can grow weed.

After outlining the main rules about buying and possessing weed, the video turns its focus on where it will be legal to consume it.

Here’s where you will be allowed to consume cannabis private residences. However, the video noted that landlords can ban residents from smoking. Additionally, it is legal to consume in designated consumption spaces.

On the other hand, there are a number of places where it will still be illegal to consume weed. This includes inside cars. Similarly, it will be illegal to consume weed on public transportation property.

Additionally, you can’t smoke weed near public schools or in public places like restaurants, cafes, sidewalks, and parks.

Cannabis in Chicago

These public education programs are not the only ways Chicago is preparing for legalization. At different times throughout the year, city authorities have outlined specific rules and guidelines.

Some of the most important rules and guidelines established by local officials have to do with where retail will be allowed.

Most notably, in September, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced new zoning rules outlining where dispensaries will and will not be allowed to operate.

Under these rules, the city will be divided into seven zones. Starting in January, each zone will be allowed to contain seven dispensaries.

From there, Lightfoot’s plan will scale up the number of dispensaries in the city. Specifically, each zone will be allowed to open seven more dispensaries beginning in May 2020.

However, there is also one “exclusion zone” in the city. There will be no dispensaries in downtown Chicago. Specifically, this zone includes most of the Loop and the Magnificent Mile.

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