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City Employees Had No Idea They Were Caring For Cannabis Plants

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City Employees Had No Idea They Were Caring For Cannabis Plants

Park workers say the cannabis plants were hiding beneath the city’s colorful blooms.

Every morning, city workers in Powell, Wyoming cruise the city streets and parks. Watering cans in hand, they keep the soil moist for the colorful blooms ornamenting the All-America city. But lately, those city workers have realized they’ve been tending to a wholly different kind of flower. For months, they’ve had no idea they were caring for cannabis plants.

Officials Have No Idea How Long Weed Plants Were Growing

According to city officials in Powell, Wyoming, employees have discovered three young cannabis plants growing and healthy in city planters.

Hiding beneath the flowers and blooms, the cannabis plants were making their way upward. By the time workers found them, the plants were each about three to four inches tall.

The flowering plants grew faster than the cannabis plants, making the illicit seedlings harder to detect. Until, that is, their tell-tale leaves started to appear among the flowers.

For that reason, city workers have no idea how long the plants were there, and how long they’d been watering them.

But based on the size of the plants when they were found, it’s possible to estimate how long they were there.

After germination, it takes a cannabis plant about a week to reach the height park employees found them at.

And that means whoever planted them in the city’s flower pots put them there recently. It takes a marijuana seed about just a few days to germinate.

Pot Prankster Sows Seeds In City Planters

Putting together the timeline, it’s clear that Powell, Wyoming has an active pot prankster on the loose. Someone is planting seeds under cover of night. And they’ve been doing it as recently as the last couple weeks.

But Powell Police Chief Roy Eckerdt told reporters that they had no way to detect the mischievous cultivator.

Downtown Powell, where the plants were found, has no security cameras. So police have no suspects.

As for the plants, they’ll no longer receive the loving care of Powell’s parks employees. Police destroyed all the weed workers found. But not before logging them into evidence. Still, there could be other seedlings just breaking through the soil. Who knows how long city workers will care for them before they’re torn up and thrown out.

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