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Colorado Weed Businesses Sponsor Nearly Half Of The State’s Highways

Colorado's Weed Businesses Sponsor Nearly Half Of The State's Highways


Colorado Weed Businesses Sponsor Nearly Half Of The State’s Highways

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Colorado Weed Businesses Sponsor Nearly Half Of The State’s Highways

Colorado has over 280 miles of highway, and almost half of it is maintained by the marijuana industry. Here’s why pot is cleaning the road.

Legalizing weed has been great for the state of Colorado. Marijuana has brought the state hundreds of millions in tax revenue, funding housing developments and schools, all while the industry employs more and more people. Today, we learn about yet another way weed is helping: Colorado weed businesses sponsor nearly half of the state’s highways.

Sponsor A Highway

Pretty much anyone, from non-profits to businesses to individuals, can sponsor a highway anywhere. This entails keeping the side of the highway clean and maintaining rest stops. The price may vary depending on how many miles and which road you sponsor.

In exchange, the organization gets to put up a sign with their name on it.

Weed Businesses Sponsor Nearly Half of Colorado’s Highways

Don’t be surprised to names like Cannasseur, Nature’s Gift Shop or Buddy Boy Dispensaries dotting the highway. The marijuana industry maintains 140 of Colorado’s 287 miles of highway according to local reporting. This means that marijuana companies are responsible for cleaning a good chunk of state highway 12 to 26 different times a year.

Derek Ing, Marketing Director for Blue Kudu, explained to Green Rush Daily, “This particular highway signage is a good way for us as a company to give back to the people out there, especially in different areas. It is an opportunity for us to advertise ourselves as well.”

There Are Few Ways for Marijuana Businesses To Legally Advertise

Even in states and countries that have legalized weed, market opportunities remain few and far between. For example, Canada marijuana companies have strict rules for SWAG designs. This is part of a larger campaign to curb underage cannabis use.

Furthermore, Colorado regulations specify that weed businesses can’t run ads online, in magazines, on TV or on the radio if 30 percent or more of the audience is under the legal age of consumption. In short, this prevents them from reaching a wide audience of any kind.

According to the Sponsor A Highway’s website, “Acknowledgement signs are not intended to be an advertising medium.” However, it’s hard to imagine that the signs that list the name of the sponsor aren’t an innovative way for promotion-starved businesses to advertise.

Marijuana Businesses Are Now Reaching Thousands

Though sponsoring a highway isn’t the same as running TV ad, marijuana businesses are finally reaching a big audience. According to the program, 261,000 cars use Colorado’s busiest highways daily. Since the average car holds 1.8 people, a sign can get 470,000 unique views per day.

For one of the highest regulated industries in the country, especially when it comes to who has exposure, almost half a million views daily is great for business.

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