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Denver Will Soon Have First Officially Permitted Hempcrete Building

Denver Will Soon Have First Officially Permitted Hempcrete Building


Denver Will Soon Have First Officially Permitted Hempcrete Building

Hempcrete buildings are making their way to Denver. The first one should be built by the first week of October.

In recent cannabis news, a Colorado building company is creating the very first, officially permitted hempcrete building in Denver. It is a historic event for sustainable construction in Denver because it’s the first time the city will have a permitted hempcrete structure. Anyone is free to attend and even help build the city’s first hempcrete building.

What Is Hempcrete?

Denver Will Soon Have First Officially Permitted Hempcrete Building

Hempcrete is similar to concrete, but it comes from the cannabis plant. The hemp plant is mixed with limestone and water to make hempcrete.

Why not just use cement and skip the extra steps? Well, hempcrete comes with a whole set of advantages when compared to other materials used for building structures.

Is it more affordable? Not quite. Hempcrete may wind up costing you less than building with lumber. However, most materials will cost you less than building with hempcrete.

Currently, hemp is imported from other countries, and that can increase costs. If hemp were manufactured in the United States prices would likely drop. For now, concrete is a better price.

Why Use Hempcrete?

So if it doesn’t save on costs what is the point of mixing three materials together when you can just buy concrete cheaper at the store?

Well, hempcrete comes with its own set of advantages. There is a natural humidity control with fire, pest, and mold resistance.

Hempcrete is also better for the environment. Building a hempcrete house requires less energy to build, and creates less waste.

First Permitted Hempcrete Structure

Outside of the state, hempcrete has been used by architects for sustainable living in other cities. As a matter of fact, Christina Griffin designed HempHome: Tiny+ and hemp sheds with the help of money raised on Kickstarter.

The house in Denver is being built by members of Left Hand Hemp and a group of volunteers. In fact, the building process began nearly two weeks ago.

It should be completed by October 5 in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver. Furthermore, the volunteers are participating in a hempcrete workshop.

The goal is to teach people how to use the cannabis-based mixture to promote a future of organic housing.

Final Hit: First Officially Permitted Hempcrete Building

Organic and sustainable housing is making its way to the city of Denver thanks to the destigmatization of cannabis in the state.

In fact, Colorado was one of the first states to go recreational, and it’s one of the first to experiment with hempcrete housing.

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