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Dispensary And Extract Companies Raise Money For LGBTQ Nonprofits

Dispensary And Extract Companies Raise Money For LGBTQ Nonprofits


Dispensary And Extract Companies Raise Money For LGBTQ Nonprofits


Dispensary And Extract Companies Raise Money For LGBTQ Nonprofits

These companies have produced a signature Pride Month strain and are donating part of the proceeds to LGBTQ organizations.

A California cannabis dispensary has teamed up with an extract producer to raise money to support LGBTQ communities. In celebration of Pride Month, these companies have grown a specific strain called Reckless Rainbow. Part of the proceeds will go towards a California advocacy group that provides HIV treatment as well as small business grants for LGBTQ community members.

Pride Month Sales Go to LGBTQ Nonprofits

99 High Tide is a women-run boutique dispensary just a couple blocks from the Malibu Piers, founded by Latina advocate and actress Yvonne DeLaRosa Green. This month, they’re working with Jetty Extracts, an all-natural extract producer, and vape pen producer PAX for charity.

Moreover, High Tide and Jetty have a history that goes back to 2015 and is rooted in their community focus. “We really look for partners who are doing something to give back to the communities,” COO and General Manager of 99 High Tide Vanessa Rodriguez told Green Rush Daily.

Jetty designed a hybrid strain called Reckless Rainbow specifically for Pride Month. 99 High Tide and other California dispensaries are currently selling it as a cannabis oil that comes pre-filled in PAX Era pods. A portion of Reckless Rainbow sales will be going towards Mr. Friendly, a Northern California LGBTQ non-profit.

Mr. Friendy promotes HIV awareness and treatment and also provides grants to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer entrepreneurs. These contributions are given out to applicants based on merit, specified Rodriguez.

These Companies Also Help Cancer Patients and Clean Up Public Beaches

Jetty Extracts and 99 High Tide give back to the community in other ways. Every month, this marijuana dispensary helps clean up Malibu beaches. In light of California’s regulations, which require a lot of packaging for weed products, Rodriguez adds, “We make sure our footprint is a responsible one.”

These two companies are also working together on the “Shelter from the Storm” campaign. This charitable initiative provides free medical marijuana to people with cancer. When a customer buys a Jetty Extracts cannabis oil from 99 High Tide, they match that product to a patient in need.

The program also offers medical marijuana consultation for people who don’t know what type of treatment would be best. If a cancer patient is looking to set up their own grow, “Shelter from the Storm” can also supply the equipment and strains.

These Weed Companies Are Giving Back To The Community

These weed companies choose business partnerships based on their commitment to give back. The Pride campaign is only their latest effort to help. By counteracting the marijuana industry’s environmental impact and helping the disenfranchised by providing medicine, business grants and a voice in the industry, companies like 99 High Tide and Jetty Extracts are setting marijuana apart from other industries as it goes mainstream.

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