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Drone Carrying Weed Crashes Into Prison Yard

Drone Carrying Weed Crashes Into Prison Yard


Drone Carrying Weed Crashes Into Prison Yard

Whoever drove this drone is either incredibly clever or incredibly stupid. Are drones the newest way to sneakily ship weed?

So, a drone carrying weed crashes into a prison yard. This isn’t the beginning of a joke. It’s a real headline. Earlier this week, someone loaded a drone with contraband–including cell phones, tobacco, and weed– and flew it over a prison yard in Georgia. The weird thing is that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

The little dope drone that could

Drone Carrying Weed Crashes Into Prison Yard

As first reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a drone carrying contraband crashed into the yard of Georgia’s Washington State Prison on Monday at 10:45 at night. According to Joan Heath, the corrections spokeswoman, the drone was carrying the following:

  1. One pound of weed, divided into sixteen individual bags
  2. Four Samsung Galaxy J1 cell phones
  3. One USB charger cable
  4. 31 C-230 oxycodone pills
  5. 7.8 ounces of tobacco, divided into two bags

While the owner of the drone has not been identified yet, Heath said that no one within the prison, inmate or guard, has been immediately linked to the event.

Recent prison reports indicate that using drones as a method to get contraband into a prison has become quite popular. Earlier this month, an inmate in a maximum security prison in South Carolina received a pair of wire cutters via a drone that he used to escape.

In 2015, a fight in an Ohio prison yard was started because a drone dropped a package filled with heroin, weed, and tobacco.

We don’t want to joke about violence. But we can’t help but think that the one phone charger in the package would have started more than a few fights.

Prison contraband

Drone Carrying Weed Crashes Into Prison Yard

The possession and distribution of contraband in prison is as old as the institution of prison itself. Inmates have always figured out different ways to obtain prohibited items. Sometimes, friends or family members of inmates will throw contraband over a prison fence. Most of the time, corrections officers are bribed into sneaking things in.

So, if a drone carrying weed crashes into a prison yard, it’s really just a mark of the times we live in. Over the past twenty years, our lives and society as a whole have changed dramatically due to rapid technological advances. Recently, the governor of North Carolina signed a law that prohibits drones over (or near) jails and prisons. If that’s not a testament to the current age, we don’t know what is.

Sneaky sneaks

Drone Carrying Weed Crashes Into Prison Yard

While drones are definitely one of the more modern and high tech ways that people have smuggled weed into places with a decidedly anti-weed policy, it’s probably not the most clever way. Pot smokers have been sneaking their stash since 1930’s when cannabis prohibition started to take effect.

Some of the more inventive ways that people have hidden their weed include hiding a baggie of dope in a tube of deodorant, putting it in their shoes, and stuffing it in a pen.

Then there are those who really go for it, and hide their weed in various bodily orifices.

Of course, none of those methods would work when trying to smuggle weed into a prison. Most prisons have security methods in place to quash any sort of contraband entering the grounds (with the exception of those guards who take it into the prison themselves).

So in this case, drones seemed to be the most appealing option to get the goods over the fence. Even if said drone carrying weed crashes into a prison yard.

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