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Dude In His Underwear Wants His Weed And Bong Back

Dude In His Underwear Wants His Weed And Bong Back


Dude In His Underwear Wants His Weed And Bong Back

In weed news, a protesting dude in his underwear wants his weed and bong back from the police.

Why was a dude smoking weed out of a bong in front of a Canadian courthouse, all while sporting bright green underwear? Well, apparently they messed with the wrong guy’s stash, and now the dude in his underwear wants his weed back.

The Story of Jeffrey Shaver

Dude In His Underwear Wants His Weed And Bong Back

His name is Jeffrey Shaver, and he is a man that fights for what he believes in. After getting weed confiscated by the police, most people would just take the L and move on.

However, Shaver says the officer who arrested him was “ignorant of the law,” and he plans on educating him.

The 31-year-old Shaver claims that Waterloo, Canada Regional Police wrongfully arrested him for possession of marijuana last October.

“I have a legal medical marijuana card. Five months after I got it, I was arrested for possession of marijuana, but I had my card on me,” Shaver told The Record.

The arrest happened at the Cambridge Memorial Hospital. Shaver said he “was having a panic attack” when he was brought there.

He had an issue with a vending machine and was charged with trespassing and causing a disturbance by yelling.

That’s when police searched him, seized his bong, and the small amount of marijuana he had in his possession.

Two days after that arrest he was salty, so he pulled up to the police station and smoked his bong on their lawn until they arrested him for the second time. That was his first time in jail, and he was held for 16 hours.

“And that charge, ironically, has already been dropped and this is the very bong they returned to me,” he said before taking a hit from the bong in his hand.

“They refuse to return the other one because they haven’t dropped that marijuana charge.”

Canadian Police Respond To Jeffrey

Dude In His Underwear Wants His Weed And Bong Back

Canadian police aren’t ignoring Jeffrey’s call for justice. He filed a complaint with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, which handles all complaints about police in the area. Fortunately, it didn’t go unnoticed.

“The Waterloo Regional Police Service is reviewing the circumstances of Mr. Shaver’s claim,” regional police Inspector Mike Haffner said in an e-mail to The Record.

Haffner added that they would “connect with Mr. Shaver upon conclusion of the review in an attempt to address his concerns and resolve the issue.”

It looks like there’s a chance of him being reunited with his other bong and maybe his weed, too. Especially since he already got his bong back once before.

Final Hit: Dude In His Underwear Wants His Weed Back

The dude in his underwear wants his weed back bad enough to get arrested and continue protesting. So far, he hasn’t explained the reasoning behind the green underwear.

It could just be a way to bring attention to his cause. Whatever the case, we hope Jeff finds his weed, his bong, and his pants soon.

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