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Stoner Science: How High Are You, Really?

How High Are You, Really? | Green Rush Daily


Stoner Science: How High Are You, Really?

You smoked, and now your high.

Colors seem brighter, sensations more vivid, tastes tastier, funny stuff is funnier, your eyes are beet-red from the vasodilation caused by the THC, and the list of likely—or unique—reactions goes on.

But just how high are you?

Maybe you have a favorite metric to “measure” your high: listening to side A of Dark Side of the Moon, maybe. Staring deep into the iTunes visualizer, or diving deep into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

But objectively, scientifically: how high are you?

You could try to “measure” how how you are by taking a spin on the app Canary, “a first-of-its-kind app to quickly measure how impaired you are from the effects of marijuana,” said Marc Silverman, founder of Belles Farm in Boulder, Colorado, the startup behind the app.

The app, he said, is “specifically for recreational or medicinal marijuana users who want to be responsible and not hurt themselves or others as a consequence.”

“Maybe you want to take the test before you get into a car, or operate heavy machinery,” he said.

The app is based on four quick tests to be completed under three minutes. They measure memory, balance, reaction time and time perception.

“Take the tests for the first time when you’re feeling normal” — not intoxicated in any way — to establish a baseline, said Silverman.

The app stores that info and then compares subsequent test results against the baseline set in the “normal” test.

“In later tests it will look for anomalies or aberrations to your baseline result,” said Silverman.

If the difference between the normal and the current “stoned” test are big enough, the app will alert you that you are too high to do whatever it is you’re considering doing.

So Canary measures the effects of cannabis on the user, not the measurement of cannabinoids in the body, which different people react to differently anyway.

Ultimately, measuring how high you really are is somewhat of a subjective process. Even determining how much cannabis is in someone’s body is unreliable.

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