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The Best Strains For A Girls Night In

The Best Strains For A Girls Night In

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The Best Strains For A Girls Night In

Girls night in is just an adult version of your middle school sleepover. No dudes, there’s no pillow fights. For your night of gossip, terrible movies from the 90’s, and inevitable cry fest, here are the best strains to make this the best night of your life.


Obviously the coolest name out there, but this strain has profound medicinal effects. Schnazzleberry is an indica heavy strain that reduces stress, but also cures appetite loss.

Sleepovers and girls night in are all about the junk food. After smoking this strain of cannabis, you and your gal pals will be vegging out, eating all the chips and ice cream you want. Good times man.

Wonka’s Bubblicious 

Like candy, this hybrid strain will give your girl crew a taste reminiscent of your bubblegum playground days.  Wonka’s Bubblicious is a sativa dominant strain that gives the smoker a happy, joyful, and uplifted feeling.

The medicinal uses of this strain are to curb depression and anxiety significantly, so enjoy this cannabis at the beginning of the night with all of your friends. Wonka’s Bubblicious will have you as giggly and carefree as you were with your childhood friends.

Ripped Bubba

Every real sleepover needs a focused late night talk about something spiritual or everyone’s thoughts on the universe. Ripped Bubba is a 60 % indica hybrid that has a moderate level of THC, perfect for late night talks and focused energy.

Ripped Bubba is ideal for settling down, but not necessarily for drifting off to sleep. This strain allows the smoker to be focused on new and creative ideas while feeling relaxed and at ease. This strain will give you a carefree attitude on life while caring so deeply about innovation.


For a second wind in the night, or if you’re just looking for another boost of energy, ladies should all try this strain. Strawberry is relatively high in THC, meaning that it offer stress relief, while feeling uplifted.

The aromas and flavors are all variations of berry, which make Strawberry one of the sweetest strains of cannabis out there. It’s basically the cannabis version of a Cosmo.

God Bud 

After all the fun and games, the girls night in has ended, meaning you need a strain that will send you off to sleep. God Bud is an incredibly potent indica that gives the smoker an instant sleep with extremely restful sleep.

The medicinal use for God Bud is to help relieve pain, so if any aches or headaches were obtained from too much girl time, God Bud will cure it. Let this strain send you to sleep after a great night in with your ladies.

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