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Retail Cannabis Store Hosts Open Houses Prior to Legalization

Retail Cannabis Stores Host Open Houses Prior to Legalization


Retail Cannabis Store Hosts Open Houses Prior to Legalization

Things are heating up ahead of legaliztion.

As Canada inches towards recreational legalization on October 17th, retail establishments have begun to prepare to usher in the lucrative new industry. While there are many cannabis businesses looking to make an imprint on the Canadian market, one dispensary made sure to get a leg up on some of their opponents ahead of the official legalization date. Bene-Buds, a retail dispensary set to open up shop in Aspen Plaza, will give some of their prospective customers a glimpse at what’s ahead, as the shop will host an educational open house a few days prior to the October 17th landmark.

Retail Cannabis Stores Host Open Houses

The dispensary, which was originally named Beneficial Buds before Canada’s stringent cannabis outlet naming regulations denied use of the moniker, will actually not be ready in time for October 17th legalization. However, that hasn’t stopped the business from doing its due diligence on the marketing side of things. The dispensary has already posted signs advertising their brand, as well as an October 12th “open house,” which will be held at the store’s location from 5 P.M.-10 P.M.

Bene-Buds president Adam Holloway told the local Sherwood Park News that his company is trying to establish their local brand ahead of legalization, in an attempt to remove some of the stigmas surrounding the somewhat-controversial industry.

“It’s kind of just that we want to get on the good side of things. We obviously know that there’s a lot of people who are very excited for cannabis, and there are a lot of people who aren’t,” Holloway said. “So, we’re basically just wanting to explain what we stand for, what our business brand and values are, and to show that we’re just normal business people with everyday lives — we just indulge in cannabis.”

Getting an early jump on the prospective market is imperative for Bene-Buds going forward. The industry is expected to be pretty combative in itself, but Bene-Buds, specifically, is poised to have a few direct competitors nearby. The closest, the Good Roots Cannabis Inc., currently has a pending permit application in the very same Sherwood Park retail center.

Despite the influx of retail shops, Bene-Buds is looking to make their market in the high-ceiling industry. For the October 12th event, the company will hold a raffle, give out free swag and provide patrons with bevy refreshments.

“The management and delightful staff at Bene-Buds look forward to keeping the light-hearted aspects of cannabis culture alive; while progressing the trade forward in a professional, responsible direction,” their Facebook event post says. “We are real people, that are PROUD to be part of the Sherwood Park community, and are excited to have this opportunity to meet you in a relaxed setting. Please join us for an evening of refreshments, pizza and discussion as we prepare for our grand opening!”

After all, not much is better for a business than free pizza. You’ll also get a leg-up on the upcoming industry. If you’ve never purchased cannabis medically, this will give you a chance to understand what to expect before stores open.

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