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6 Worst States To Get Caught With Weed

6 Worst States To Get Caught With Weed


6 Worst States To Get Caught With Weed

With so much talk about the growing legalization movement, it can be easy to forget how punitive the U.S.’s anti-weed laws are. As evidence, here are the six worst states to get caught with weed.

It’s good to celebrate the growing legalization of weed. But we shouldn’t get so carried away we forget the reality of the U.S.’s anti-cannabis laws. There are still far too many places where it is bad—very bad—to get caught with weed. As evidence, consider some of the worst states to get caught with weed. Many of these states still enforce heavy-handed mandatory minimum sentences for breaking weed laws. And in some places, you can technically get busted just for being high out in public. The bottom line: If you happen to be in one of the worst states to get caught with weed, watch out.

The Worst States To Get Caught With Weed Could Be Getting Even Worse

As if these outdated states laws aren’t bad enough, the Trump administration looks poised to make matters even worse at the federal level. Earlier this year, White House press secretary Sean Spicer warned that “greater enforcement” of cannabis laws could be coming.

Similarly, many of Trump’s picks for top positions are outspoken in their opposition to weed. For example, Attorney General Jeff Sessions told a group of law enforcement officials this year that cannabis is “only slightly less awful than heroin.” He also said that medical marijuana “had been hyped, maybe too much.”

Other Trump appointees could be just as bad for cannabis. For example, Trump put Scott Gottlieb in charge of the FDA. According to financial disclosure reports, Gottlieb has a bunch of financial connections to big pharma companies that make and sell opioids. In the face of a rising opioid crisis, researchers have begun looking to cannabis as a possible solution. Not surprisingly, this has not made the opioid industry happy. In the wake of Gottlieb’s appointment, many critics are worried that his close ties to big pharma could lead him to favor pharmaceuticals over medical cannabis.

Taking all this together, there are good reasons to be concerned about cannabis laws at both the federal and state level. With all that said, let’s take a look at the six worst states to get caught with weed.

6. Oklahoma

6 Worst States To Get Caught With Weed

In Oklahoma, getting caught with any amount of weed is a misdemeanor that could carry up to a year in a jail and a $1,000 fine.

And while that is not actually too bad when compared to other states, things get really sketchy if you are selling or distributing weed.

If you get caught doing that, you’re facing a felony that could carry sentences of anywhere from two years to life in prison.


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