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Man Accidentally Sets Up Marijuana “Plantation” Next to Police Dog Center

Man Accidentally Sets Up Marijuana "Plantation" Next to Police Dog Center - Green Rush Daily


Man Accidentally Sets Up Marijuana “Plantation” Next to Police Dog Center

A man in Vienna, Austria is now under suspicion of running a marijuana plantation complete with 734 cannabis plants, 32 sacks full of deep-frozen bud, and another bag full of dried ganja.

Sounds like his operation could have carried on successfully if it weren’t for one little detail: he set up shop right next to a police dog center.

Vienna Police Spokesperson Roman Hahslinger told ABC World News that the 27-year-old suspect “comes from outside Vienna and might not have known that a police facility was nearby.”

Damn—that’s the rookiest of all rookie mistakes! Not only did he set up next to a “police facility,” but it had to be a police dog facility.

Probably the worst possible neighbor for a marijuana grow!

Not surprisingly, the suspect’s operation started drawing attention when one of the police dogs “caught a whiff of the plants in the Austrian capital’s Floridsdorf district on Friday morning.”

“Officers then saw a man taking a hose into the warehouse.” From there, it was pretty much game over for our unfortunate farmer. Cops raided the premises and found the plants, the deep-frozen bud, and the dried herb.

So far, the man is denying any wrongdoing. The specific point of whether or not he was involved in any “wrongdoing” raises some interesting questions. It all comes down to how you define “wrong.”

Is growing marijuana wrong? If you’re a cop trying to maintain a costly and dangerous war on drugs then the answer is yes. If you’re one of the growing masses of people around the world that either support marijuana use or yourself use marijuana then the answer is probably no.

Is setting up your grow operation right next to a police dog center wrong? Well, maybe not wrong, but definitely stupid. This guy’s biggest—and probably only real mistake—has nothing to do with marijuana, it has to do with not doing his homework first. To anyone planning on growing marijuana: get to know your neighbors first.

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