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Massachusetts Just Gave Out Its First Recreational Cannabis License

Massachusetts Just Gave Out Its First Recreational Cannabis License


Massachusetts Just Gave Out Its First Recreational Cannabis License


Massachusetts Just Gave Out Its First Recreational Cannabis License

Nine days before Massachusetts legalizes recreational weed, this dispensary receives the first ever rec license.

Less than two weeks before legalization, Massachusetts just gave out its first recreational cannabis license. The recipient is Cambridge dispensary, Sira Naturals. Now, this medical marijuana dispensary is the state’s biggest recreational weed store.

One of Massachusetts’ Biggest Grows

Sira Naturals has been growing and selling weed to medical marijuana patients since 2013. They already have three dispensaries in Somerville, Cambridge and Needham. For the past couple of years, Sira Naturals has run a grow operation out of Milford, Massachusetts.

Now, they’re looking to expand their cultivation facility to meet recreational weed demand. In their press release, Sira Naturals describes their new venture as a “state-of-the-art cultivation facility,” made possible by their recreational cannabis license.

A 20 Thousand Square Foot Marijuana Grow

Sira Naturals told Green Rush Daily that less than an hour ago, they became the first Massachusetts dispensary to receive a recreational cannabis license. Specifically, they received a Tier 3 Cultivation License.

Now, they can grow anywhere from 10,001 and 20,000 square feet of cannabis. They can then sell it to adult recreational users at any of their dispensaries.

“We see this as a historic moment, in the cannabis movement in the United States, being the very first recreational license granted east of the Mississippi,” company president Mike Dunda told Green Rush Daily. “We have three retail facilities for medical today, two of which we expect to convert to dual-use medical and recreational.”

Massachusetts Cannabis Education

Sira Naturals is launching the Sira Accelerator, a cannabis business program designed for entrepreneurs, on July 1st. It’s a 12-week course that teaches students about marijuana technology, business strategies and licensing processes.

It’s specifically designed to help craft cultivators get involved in an industry increasingly dominated by large companies. With a background in cannabis product creation, growing and selling, Sira Naturals is the ideal source for cannabis expertise.

The Wait Is Over For Massachusetts Cannabis Licenses

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission started accepting applications in early June. By the 7th, they had received over 1,000 recreational weed license applications. But for the past few weeks, not a single business has been licensed. New Englanders grew nervous that the government would delay legalization.

Now, we know that at least one business on the Eastern Seaboard will be legally growing recreational weed on July 1st. And surely this is the first in a wave of licensing approvals.

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