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Michigan Becomes First State to Ban Flavored Vaping Products

Michigan Becomes First State to Ban Flavored Vaping Products


Michigan Becomes First State to Ban Flavored Vaping Products

The Governor made the order to protect the children of Michigan.

As vaping continues to become popular with consumers around the country, many are beginning to wonder about its broader health implications. This is especially true when it comes to young consumers.

Now, the governor of Michigan has taken steps to make Michigan the first state to fully ban flavored vaping products. She claims the move will help keep children and teenagers away from e-cigarettes and other vaping products that some believe could have detrimental health effects.

Michigan Governor’s New Vaping Ban

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer wants to ban all flavored vaping products in her state. Her decision comes in large part as a response to findings from the Michigan chief medical officer.

As reported by local news source Fox 2 Detroit, Gov. Whitmer’s chief medical officer has concluded that vaping is dangerous to young consumers. Additionally, the medical officer also said that the large and rapidly growing number of young people consuming such products now constitutes a public health emergency in the state of Michigan.

As a result, Gov. Whitmer has called for a full ban on flavored vaping products. Interestingly, she claims that if Michigan institutes the ban she’s after, it will become the first state in the country to take this type of action.

“One of my biggest, most important jobs of being governor is protecting the kids of Michigan,” Gov. Whitmer told Fox 2 Detroit. “I’m living with two teenagers. I know a lot of their friends are vaping. We see it every day. We see this constantly bombarding kids with this as a healthy option, getting kids hooked on nicotine before their brains are fully formed, and now we’re seeing kids showing up with respiratory problems. So we know this is a national health crisis.”

Gov. Whitmer also voiced particular concern over the ways vaping products are marketed.

“Bubble gum, fruit loops. These are flavors that are geared towards kids,” she said. “This is deceptive. This is destructive and most importantly it’s compromising our kids’ health.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the use of e-cigarettes and similar vaping devices is harmful to kids, teens, and young adults.

What the Ban Will Do

As explained by Whitmer, her proposed ban would:

  • Eliminate online and retail sale of any vaping products that are flavored to taste sweet, fruity, minty, or menthol.
  • Outlaw misleading marketing efforts. This includes putting flavored vape products on shelves next to candy.
  • Prohibit companies from using words like “clean,” “safe,” “healthy,” and other similar terms in advertisements of flavored vape products.
  • Instruct the Michigan Department of Transportation to prohibit billboard ads that market vaping products.

For now, Gov. Whitmer’s ban will be temporary. But she hopes that state lawmakers will eventually make the ban a permanent law.

It is still unclear when exactly Gov. Whitmer’s administration might move her proposed ban into effect.

And even though the ban is in its early stages, there is the possibility that it could face legal challenges. Specifically, Fox 2 Detroit reported that some in Gov. Whitmer’s administration expect to face lawsuits from players in the vaping industry.

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