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New Jersey Medical Marijuana Patients Can Now Buy Vape Cartridges

New Jersey Medical Marijuana Patients Can Now Buy Vape Cartridges


New Jersey Medical Marijuana Patients Can Now Buy Vape Cartridges

Another win for New Jersey.

While the fate of recreational marijuana in New Jersey continues to hang in the balance, the state has made some alterations to its pre-existing MMJ program. One of the biggest—and arguably most convienent—changes the state has made has been the adjustment of their hard-nosed stance on vape cartridges. While they previously weren’t allowed under old guidelines, New Jersey medical marijuana patients can now buy vape cartridges under the program.

New Jersey Medical Marijuana Patients Can Now Buy Vape Cartridges

Per a report from, last week, the New Jersey State Department of Health waived a key rule which prevented retailers from selling cartridges filled with marijuana concentrate. Prior to the move, retail providers were only allowed to sell traditional flower, oral lozenges and topical oils at their stores.

This comes as a precursor to further changes implemented in New Jersey’s expanding medical marijuana program. According to assistant health commissioner Jeff Brown, while the new set of rules have yet to be hashed out, the state felt there was no reason to wait on the cartridges.

“We’re always open to accepting ideas and applications for products,” he said to the local news site.

In addition to the cartridges, several other add-ons are expected for the program, including the addition of six MMJ providers, which would effectively double the program, as well as increased access to medical cards.

Curaleaf New Jeresey—a state-approved medical dispensary—will get the first crack at selling vape cartridges. The company’s president, George Schidlovsky, lauded the state for making the necessary changes to their medical marijuana program.

“Receiving approval to launch these products is an important milestone in the progression of Curaleaf’s operations as well as in New Jersey’s medical cannabis program,”  Schidlovsky said in his company’s press release. “As the largest dispensary on the East Coast, serving hundreds of patients daily, Curaleaf has the resources and production capacity to reliably market and distribute new products that our patients depend on to live life well.”

Curaleaf will initially rollout four varieties of concentrates— Lavender, Strawberry Cough, Cookies and Canna-Tsu. Per the press release, all extracts will contain” NJ Department of Health approved pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extract, strain-specific cannabis and naturally derived terpenes.”

Although the jury is still out on whether vaping is actually a healthier alternative to smoking, there’s no question the prevalence of cannabis vape cartridges provides another alternative to qualifying medical patients.

“These concentrates, which surpass the state’s high standards of quality, provide an alternative method of administration for patients who may not be able to benefit from topical or oral forms of medical cannabis,” Schidlovsky said.

But despite the questionable health benefits of vaping, Schidlovsky stands by his product—he thinks it’s undoubtedly a better option for the lungs than traditional smoke. Particularly, in medical patients.

“Vaporizing cannabis concentrate is considered a healthier alternative to smoking, and is a fast-acting form of administration. I look forward to seeing the positive effect it has on Curaleaf’s patients in New Jersey,” he added.

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