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New Jersey Weed Dispensary To Build Largest Greenhouse On East Coast

New Jersey Weed Dispensary Plans Biggest East Coast Greenhouse


New Jersey Weed Dispensary To Build Largest Greenhouse On East Coast


New Jersey Weed Dispensary To Build Largest Greenhouse On East Coast

The planned 100,000 square-foot indoor grow facility will supply Curaleaf’s nine retail dispensary locations.

In March, New Jersey lawmakers voted to approve a massive expansion of the state’s medical marijuana program. And a month ago, we covered one New Jersey company’s plans to capitalize on that expansion by growing operations of their own. That company, Curaleaf, had just opened its relocated dispensary. Now, Curaleaf is planning to break ground on the largest cannabis greenhouse on the east coast.

Curaleaf Plans To Break Ground On East Coast’s Largest Legal Cannabis Grow

By the time of its completion, Curaleaf’s planned greenhouse will cover the size of two football fields. In more concrete terms, that’s a fully 100,000-square-foot indoor grow facility.

Curaleaf is siting the facility on a one-time landfill in Bellmawr, New Jersey. The remediated property is one the city has been trying to develop for nearly a decade.

And in fact, its a sense of corporate citizenship toward the borough that has allowed Curaleaf to overcome skepticism and resistance from local residents.

“I took a beating when they opened up,” said Bellmawr Mayor Frank Filipek, referring to Curaleaf’s 6,150 sq. ft. retail facility.

“But they’ve lived up to everything they said they would do,” the mayor added. “They’ve been a real good corporate citizen. I haven’t had one complaint, not one.”

Curaleaf’s building operations have also provided an economic boost and employment opportunities to local companies and workers. George Schidlovsky, Curaleaf’s executive director, said that the company has hired local construction teams and employees to manage their new developments.

All in all, Curaleaf has spent more than $20 million in Bellmawr since the company set up shop in 2015.

The East Coast’s Largest Dispensary Just Got Bigger

Curaleaf was the first of six dispensaries to receive state approval to expand its operations after Gov. Phil Murphy took office on a platform of overhauling the state’s restrictive medical marijuana program.

And according to a New Jersey Department of Health report, Curaleaf completed 76,406 transactions totaling 2,302 pounds of cannabis product dispensed to more than 6,300 of the state’s patients—in 2017 alone.

With the construction of its new, ultra-modern 100,000 sq.-ft. greenhouse, those numbers are set to skyrocket. And that means that medical cannabis patients in New Jersey are more than likely going to use Curaleaf products. Indeed, the next closest dispensary in terms of product weight, Breakwater, dispensed less than half than Curaleaf last year.

“We have nine sales stations designed to process 1,000 patients a day,” Schidlovsky said. And that’s on top of the 100 new patient consultations those dispensaries can handle each day.

Furthermore, Curaleaf’s new greenhouse will sit on land adjacent to a key intersection in New Jersey’s massive Direct Connect project. The high traffic location is another plus for Curaleaf going forward.

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